Miss America - 1 Trump - 0; this year's national beauty pageant takes on a more political note

The Miss America 2017 competition wrapped up on 11 September 2016 in Atlantic City, N.J., crowning 21-year-old Savvy Shields, as the winner of the pageant, as reported by the Associated Press.

She topped a field of 52 contestants to win the crown and the title of Miss America 2017, succeeding the outgoing Miss America Betty Cantrell.

Savvy Shields poses with judges Gabby Douglas (L) and Laura Marano (R). Image via Twitter.

Savvy Shields poses with judges Gabby Douglas (L) and Laura Marano (R). Image via Twitter.

The runners-up were as follows:
Fourth runner-up, Miss Mississippi Laura Lee Lewis
Third runner-up, Miss Washington Alicia Cooper
Second runner-up Miss New York Camille Sims
First runner-up Miss South Carolina Rachel Wyatt

As reported by Associated Press, the first openly gay contestant in the Miss America pageant, Miss Missouri Erin O'Flaherty, was eliminated Sunday night when the top 15 finalists were chosen.

Because of the solemn 11 September date it took place on, and the election fever that's gripping the country, the question-answer round was decidedly political.

The contestants where prepared for being asked the big 'Trump' question in one way or another. After singing her way into the top seven, 23-year-old Camille Sims or Miss New York, continued vying for the coveted 2016 crown in the Q&A round.

When Camille Sims was asked her opinion on presidential candidate Donald Trump by the judge Laura Marano, her answer couldn’t have been more perfect. She said, “I think he’s a bright reminder of how our country needs to come together. If you don’t agree with his message, then you need to decide where you stand on this debate. As Americans, we need to make sure that we are celebrating all people from all backgrounds.”

The whole stadium broke into applause.

Nearly every question during Sunday night’s interview portion was about politics, Hollywood Life reports, but many contestants avoided giving answers that meant anything.

Others, like winner Savvy Shields, decided to take a more non political approach. Shields was asked “Hillary Rodham Clinton. What do you think?” by Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. Shields laughed in response and then gave a decidedly non answer, saying, in part, “If you’re trying to be leader of the free world, everything you say and do matters, and all of your actions are held to a higher standard. And unfortunately, the media does love to sensationalise everything, and it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is truly scandal … both of these candidates have done a great job in competing”

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