Migrant crisis: Donald Trump says 'anyone entering US illegally will be arrested, detained and deported'

Washington: Anyone entering the US illegally would be arrested, detained and then deported back, President Donald Trump has warned as he threatened three Central American nations to halt a migrant caravan from heading to America or lose millions of dollars in foreign aid

Trump's warning comes amidst reports that a new migrant caravan from Honduras comprising about 1600 people is moving towards the US via Guatemala. The caravan, formed in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday, crossed into Guatemala on Monday. Guatemala detained one of its coordinators on Tuesday, but other members of the caravan are advancing through Guatemala with hopes of reaching the US border.

Trump said in a late-night tweet said that anybody who entering the United States illegally will be arrested and detained and deported.

In another tweet he said his administration has informed the three countries — Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that America will stop all payments to them if they allow their citizens to enter the US.

In 2017, the US gave $248 million to Guatemala, $175 million to Honduras and $115 million to El Salvador in foreign aid.

Vice President Mike Pence also tweeted earlier, saying that he had spoken with Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez and Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales. He said Trump's message to Honduras also applied to Guatemala, "no more aid if it's not stopped!"

This caravan's emergence comes nearly six months after another caravan consisting largely of Honduran immigrants reached the US-Mexico border.

Its formation also comes just weeks before high-stakes midterm elections in the United States, in which many Republican candidates have been echoing Trump's message of boosting border security and cracking down on illegal immigration.

Trump has been a fierce advocate of building a border wall with Mexico to tighten the US' immigration controls. He believes border security is a serious national issue and the lack of it poses a substantial threat to the "sovereignty and safety" of America and its citizens.

During his campaign, Trump tapped into the immigration concerns of many Americans who worry about loss of economic opportunities and the threat of criminals and terrorists entering the country.

His call for the construction of a border wall was one of his most popular proposals and helped the billionaire tycoon to galvanise masses.

Updated Date: Oct 17, 2018 19:44:13 IST