Meghan Markle becomes first member of British Royal family to vote in US Presidential Election

Earlier in August 2020, the Duchess of Sussex also spoke about women’s voting rights in a chat with feminist icon Gloria Steinem

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Meghan Markle becomes first member of British Royal family to vote in US Presidential Election

File image of Meghan Markle. AP

Meghan Markle became the first member of the British royal family to exercise her right to vote in the US Presidential Election 2020.

While both Prince Harry and Meghan have stepped down as senior royals, both of them remain members of the royal family. Although Meghan has been vocal about the importance of voting and urged people to step out to state their choice by voting, it is significant to know that she personally voted.

News portal E! News confirmed that the Duchess of Sussex did indeed exercise her right to vote but they were not able to tell whether she participated in the voting process through mail or at a polling place.

After stepping down from British royal duties, the couple along with their son Archie Harrison now reside in California and as Meghan is an American citizen, it was a civic duty for her to cast her vote. Harry is British and hence is not eligible to vote.

Also, the members of the Royal Family abstain from the voting process in Britain and remain politically neutral as a widely followed standard.

Earlier in August, Meghan had met up with activist Gloria Steinem to discuss “representation, why each vote matters, and how all women ‘are linked, not ranked’.”

Later, in an interview, the feminist icon had said that it was Meghan’s idea to cold-call Americans to vote and that she had come home to vote.

Although Meghan refrained from endorsing any presidential candidate, she expressed her excitement to see Senator Kamala Harris, a woman of colour, possibly become the Vice-President of the country.

She said, “You know, for me, being biracial growing up — whether it was a doll or a person in the office, you need to see someone who looks like you in some capacity.”

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