Kim Jong-un drops H-bomb threat: North Korea claims it can wipe out Manhattan with new weapon

North Korea’s newest nuclear weapon can apparently ‘kill everyone in Manhattan and burn the city down to ashes.’  The country’s state run media DPRK reported that the new hydr0gen bomb is bigger than the one developed by the erstwhile Soviet Union, according to The Washington Post.

Kim Jong-un, in January, claimed that during one of the many nuclear tests his country conducted, it had successfully detonated a H-bomb. However, experts doubt his claim since the seismic waves are similar to the ones generated during testing of atomic bombs, reports New York Daily  News.

File photo. Image courtesy: Reuters

Kim Jong-un. Reuters

This isn’t the first time North Korea has made an exaggerated claim. The Washington Post recently reported that North Korea threatened to turn South Korea into a ‘sea of flames’ with preemptive nuclear strikes and rocket launches. In February, Pyongyang threatened to attack the presidential Blue House in Seoul, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Washington Post report, the international community has condemned the nation for its threats. In early March, the UN imposed tough sanctions on North Korea. The sanctions included strict inspection of cargo going into and out of the country, and  limiting or prohibiting the nation's export of coal, iron, gold, and titanium as well as the delivery of aviation and rocket fuel.

Updated Date: Mar 14, 2016 18:42 PM

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