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Justin Trudeau's eyebrows get a life of their own, come unglued during press conference; Canadian PM roasted on Twitter

It's not been an easy time for Justin Trudeau. The Canadian prime minister hosted a difficult G7 summit in Quebec last week, where the already uneasy relationship he shared with US president Donald Trump worsened considerably. Trump called Trudeau "meek, dishonest and weak", while top US economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Canada "stabbed us in the back".

In all of this, he also had to deal with an eyebrow that seemed to have a mind of its own. Perhaps surprised at the swift worsening of ties with a long-time friendly neighbour, Trudeau's eyebrow arched and disassociated itself from the rest of the prime minister's being.

It was, as it often happens, caught by Twitterati.

Social media swiftly set about trying to uncover the mystery of the unhinged eyebrow. Some felt the eyebrow was "scared".

Some compared Trudeau's eyebrow to Trump's hair.

Some others said it's all probably just an optical illusion.

Some felt victimised.

Whatever it was, however, it was all over the news. So much so that it was not only a different entity, it very soon had its own Twitter handle.

Introducing Trudeau's Eyebrow, the Twitter profile:

Updated Date: Jun 12, 2018 15:18 PM

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