JK Rowling wants you to know that you've been pronouncing Voldemort's name wrong all this while

Heads up, all Harry Potter fans! 'He Who Must Not Be Named' has become 'He Whose Name Was Not Properly Pronounced'. After 7 seven bestselling books and eight films in the intervening years, JK Rowling today told tweeple that the name of the main antagonist in the Harry Potter series, Voldemort, has been pronounced wrong all throughout.

Yes. Voldemort is pronounced with a silent 'T'. Responding to a fan's assertion that she had said in the past that Voldemort's name was pronounced in such a manner, Rowling, 50, confirmed the fan had remembered correctly. But it was not the whim of Rowling that she kept the T in Voldemort silent. According to this report in The Time, the french word 'mort,' pronounced with a silent T, means death.

 JK Rowling wants you to know that youve been pronouncing Voldemorts name wrong all this while

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As expected, Potter fans reacted with great excitement and sadness.

After a little confusion over why the pronunciation wasn't corrected for the films, people started mentioning Jim Dale, who became well known in the US for voicing the Harry Potter audiobooks.

One fan said that even the hero's name has been incorrectly spoken all these years.

The Dark Lord himself chipped in and posted an old tweet from 2010, where he tried – and failed – to get fans to change the way they were saying it.

Voldemor'T's name is clearly a Riddle!

Updated Date: Sep 10, 2015 21:46:31 IST