Iran to move faster to acquire nuclear technology

Tehran: Iran will move at a faster pace to acquire nuclear technology, the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran's (AEOI) head Ali-Akbar Salehi said Monday.

"Not only will the Islamic Republic of Iran not retreat in the nuclear technology arena, but it will work at a faster pace to ( boost) the quality and application of this technology," Xinhua quoted Salehi as telling a group of Iranian Air Force commanders in Tehran.

 Iran to move faster to acquire nuclear technology

Iranian nuclear facility. AP image

"In the area of nuclear research and development, we have not accepted any constraints and will continue our activities," Salehi said, adding that Iran is determined to continue uranium enrichment as its "principle."

If the P5+1 group, including US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany, do not abide by their commitments under the Geneva deal reached last November, Tehran can switch back its nuclear activities to their original state "in a matter of hours", Salehi said.

Under the agreement, which went into effect Jan 20, Iran suspended its 20 per cent uranium enrichment and started diluting and oxidising its 196 kg stockpile of 20-percent enriched uranium in exchange for partial relief of the sanctions imposed on its energy and financial sectors.

Iran Sunday agreed to take seven "practical steps" in its cooperation with the IAEA.


Updated Date: Feb 11, 2014 07:36:10 IST