Hundreds mourn as they join Dorje Tsering, Tibetan teen who protested Chinese rule, on final journey


Hundreds of grieving Tibetans on Sunday joined the funeral procession for 16-year-old schoolboy Dorje Tsering who died after setting himself on fire to protest against Chinese rule. Tsering died from cardiac arrest on Thursday after setting himself ablaze at a housing settlement for Tibetan refugees in Dehradun. Tsering's body was Saturday brought to Dharamsala. AFP


Tsering's mother Nyima Yangkyi urged young Tibetans to focus on education and not to consider self-immolation as an option. "(My son) saw self-immolation as a last resort, but young Tibetans should not self-immolate, instead they should study and work for Tibet," she said in a video released by the Norway-based Voice of Tibet. AFP


On Sunday local Tibetans came out in their hundreds to attend a prayer session in neighbouring McLeodganj, seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile, before joining the funeral procession and the cremation ceremony. AFP


The Dalai Lama has described the burnings as acts of desperation that he is powerless to stop. He has said he is reluctant to condemn them to avoid offending the families of the dead. AFP


Tibetans attend the funeral of Tsering. The teenager was the eighth Tibetan to mount such a protest outside China. An 18-year-old Tibetan monk in China set himself ablaze last Monday to protest at Beijing's tight control over the Himalayan region. AFP

Updated Date: Mar 06, 2016 16:42 PM