Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: The US presidential debate that took social media by storm

Race to the White House heated up exponentially on Monday with the two candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump directly locking horns in an hour and a half US presidential debate that kept the world glued to the television sets to find out who was the better one.

With such a high profile debate on, social media was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Besides the twists and turns, there were also a couple of serious burns during the debate. Citizen journalists took to the internet over with a flurry of witty tweets. People from across the world watched the debate and many even live tweeted.

There were various things spoken on social media about the debate. Where we had celebrities live tweeting the debate, we also had Indians out of their beds at 7 am in the morning to watch the clash.

There were also wacky remarks made and funny comments put forth on the internet.

To sum that up, here's a round-up of the variation of tweets and conclusions that were drawn during and after the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton.

1. When the celebrities got sarcastic:


2. The Conspiracy Theory: Quite a few Donald Trump supporters came up with their own theory!

list_trump It looked like a microphone pack under Clinton's jacket since both the candidates wore lapel mics on stage. But does that stop Trump supporters to spread the rumour? Guess not! 3. The wacky tweets!

If you haven't gotten enough of the trolls, here are some of the best tweets from the presidential debate:

Best Tweets about last nights debate

Updated Date: Oct 25, 2016 09:54 AM

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