Guess what's really 'breaking' the internet? This cute photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload - the first official photographs of Britain's royal children Prince George and Princess Charlotte together are out.

 Guess whats really breaking the internet? This cute photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Image Courtesy: Twitter @KensingtonRoyal

The photographs, posted on Twitter by Kensington Palace show the newest member of the royal family, Princess Charlotte, with her older brother Prince George.

The 22-month old Prince is seen holding the month-old baby on his lap, kissing her forehead, in the process eliciting a collective 'aww' from across the world.

Prince George looking every bit of a royal scion in a white shirt and neatly parted hair while Princess Charlotte looks content on her brother's lap in a white outfit. The heirs to the British monarchy are a picture of affection and sophistication in the images.

The photographs were taken weeks after the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on 2 May, by none other than the  The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Photography is one of her hobbies according to her biography and she sure seems to have captured the most beautiful moments between the royal siblings.

The Palace had posted that they would be sharing 'special' photographs of  the sibling earlier in the day, before thanking everyone for their messages and gifts. When they did post the first image on Twitter, it went viral at once. An hour later, they posted three more images of the royal babies that topped the adorable quotient on the internet.

As soon as the photographs were out, the internet went overboard with 'awww-worthy' tweets. If one royal birth and a Duchess' dress can trend on Twitter for days, imagine the viral power of both the royal babies together! The photographs had about 35,000 retweets each as this was being written and almost 40,000 favorites.

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2015 12:02:28 IST