Guess what? Two-day old royal baby is already worth 80 million pounds

London: The Princess of Cambridge, barely two-days-old, has already provided a boost to the British economy worth an estimated 80 million pounds with royal fans busy buying commemorative souvenirs.

Kate and William's new arrival was born on 2 May.

 Guess what? Two-day old royal baby is already worth 80 million pounds

The newborn Princess of Cambridge. Reuters

As the commemorative mugs, plates and T-shirts flew off the shelves, experts predicted that she will have swelled the coffers by 1 billion pounds before she is 10, the Mirror reported.

The Duchess of Cambridge's first baby, Prince George, brought an impressive 247 million pounds into the country in 2013, the year of his birth.

Some experts predict that his little sister will end up eclipsing his influence on people's spending habits because of her likely impact on fashion.

"Everybody will be watching what she's wearing. When Kate buys dresses for her daughter, other people will follow suit. – just as they copy what Kate wears. I think there will be much more of an impact with a girl than a boy," said fashion consultant Patricia Davidson.

As a princess, she will have access to the world's most beautiful clothes and jewellery. This means she has already joined the exclusive club made up of the world's most fashionable and famous girls


Updated Date: May 04, 2015 16:04:52 IST