Explosive device detonated outside United States embassy in Beijing; area cordoned off

An explosion took place near the US Embassy in Beijing on Thursday as witnesses posted images of smoke surrounding the building on social media.

An explosive device has been detonated in a public area at the US embassy in Beijing, close to the main compound, said an embassy spokesperson to CNN. The only person injured was the individual who detonated the explosive device.

According to Radio Free Asia News, witnesses on the scene stated that a man made his own explosives and originally wanted to throw it into the embassy, but it exploded next to him, damaging a car.

A Chinese police SUV has been damaged in the incident.

Chinese police also took away a woman who sprayed herself with gasoline, in what was suspected to be a self-immolation attempt outside the embassy, the State-run Global Times reported.

The footage from the site shows confusion and panic in the street following the explosion, as security personnel work at the scene. The area seems to be cordoned off.

No confirmation has been given by the US or Chinese embassies yet, while the Indian and South Korean embassies said they were unaware of any unusual incident and were working as normal.

With inputs from Reuters

Updated Date: Jul 26, 2018 12:48:15 IST