Donald Trump's win shattered illusion of American democracy, values: Too early to write him off

The reactions exploding across America ever since Donald Trump burst out victoriously as its next President have two key eerie parallels with Narendra Modi’s emphatic win in May 2014. Both are remarkably similar, almost like photocopies set in a close space of two years, but separated by a yawning chasm of geography. Because both emanate from the same source. These two key eerie parallels can be couched in two words: pre and post. Or in an even pedestrian language of the mindless weight-loss advertisements: before and after.

In each case, both Modi and Trump have achieved a singular feat: they’ve thoroughly bombed the insular walls of a castle, carefully built by the bricks of power, patronage and lucre by a powerful global nexus of that ever-expanding umbrella of Left-Liberalism that includes state power, incredibly well-heeled corporations, NGOs, and every ragtag victim group you can imagine: progressives, Islamists, feminists, African-Americans, indoctrinated college students, academics, intellectuals, LGBT luminaries, and that heavily contaminated institution of all, the media.

In both cases, the entire might of this coalition is united in a no-holds-barred offensive to stop just one person. No tactic was considered beneath contempt. And equally, in both cases, the "surprise", overwhelming trouncing it received has left it floundering in a reactionary spectrum tinged with horror, shock, rage and tears.

While there’s no exact equivalence between the 2014 Indian elections and the 2016 US elections, at a very broad and fundamental level, the aforementioned analysis stands to reason for a simple reason: the global Left-Liberal ideology, methodology and operations are the same in every country. To borrow from Arun Shourie, it can simply be defined as “weak to the strong, Strong to the weak.”

Donald Trumps win shattered illusion of American democracy, values: Too early to write him off

Donald Trump. AP

And so, as long as the high-voltage Hillary Clinton campaign machinery was secure in the illusion that her march to the White House was unstoppable, the election was all about democracy, values, rights, and such other assorted rhetoric. But the moment Trump’s victory shattered this illusion, the true extent of their commitment to these values came to the fore, or to borrow an Americanism, they went "batshit crazy".

Sample some of these reactions.

- Some worthies in California and Oregon have issued calls to secede from the United State. How different is this from Jyoti Basu who had thundered more than 20 years ago that West Bengal would secede from India if the BJP came to power?

- Some have even ranted that the Electoral College is the “absolute worst” because it didn’t help Hillary’s victory.

- According to the latest report from Breitbart, George Soros, who has a history of organising anti-Trump riots (during his campaign rallies), is now planning to incite more riots in the wake of Trump’s victory. This, in an already highly-volatile atmosphere where a mob of Hillary supporters beat up a Trump supporter, and elsewhere across America, low-intensity riots and protests have resulted in arson, smashing police cruisers, torching the City Hall and burning a federal building. It appears that America has descended into an unprecedented and nationwide orgy of frenzied insanity.

- Innumerable doomsday predictions of the “final destruction” of America with some folks projecting it as a grave personal tragedy that they need to “heal” and “recover” from.

- Indeed, this eruption of wanton, violent mobbery should be counted as the greatest success of the radical Left discourse in that bastion it had long failed to conquer in the 1960s in its earlier avatar of Communism. It stumps one’s commonsense that these protesters — to put it mildly — forget the fact that Trump was elected as a result of due democratic process, and in blind, brainwashed hatred, have rung true Emerson’s warning that

“A mob is a society of bodies voluntarily bereaving themselves of reason, and traversing its work. The mob is man voluntarily descending to the nature of the beast… Its actions are insane like its whole constitution. It persecutes a principle; it would whip a right; it would tar and feather justice, by inflicting fire and outrage upon the houses and persons of those who have these.”

Although unfortunate, the pervasive violence we’re now witnessing provides a good barometer (if not case study) to assess exactly to what stunning depths the American society has fallen to as we shall see.

It goes without saying that a Hillary victory would’ve elicited triumphant and self-righteous cries of “a victory for democracy,” “misogyny defeated,” and so on, and the exact extent of an American society divided against itself would continue to simmer under the surface.

The American civilisation, for what it is worth, began hurtling on the expressway towards self-inflicted destruction decades ago

To wit, an oft-heard lament about the all-round decline of America goes like this: while at one time, hard work, and traditional family and community values ensured success and happiness, today, these values have been supplanted by extreme individualism, which provided a fertile ground for breeding various hues of victimhood and a culture of entitlement. Numerous groundbreaking researches and books like Save the Males, Profscam, Who Stole the American Dream, and Nation of Victims explain this phenomenon in frightening detail. And it is precisely the epidemic spread of these tendencies that enabled a Hillary Clinton. In another era, she would either be in prison or facing trial.

Indeed, the sheer incredulity of the grounds for supporting Hillary Clinton for presidency is mind-boggling. Her extensively-documented history as a “career criminal,” according to this documentary is shocking to say the least, not to mention the tons of her firsthand wrongdoing exposed by Wikileaks. Her two successive stints as First Lady is a study in endless scandal, and her destructive role as Secretary of State in Libya, Syria, accepting terror money — and more dangerously for India, indirectly funding the Kudankulam protesters — should worry anybody.

The revelations in two explosive books, The Clintons’ War on Women and Crisis of Character should ordinarily stun and disgust us: how Bill Clinton was a frequent guest of convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s “orgy island,” his history of granting the maximum Presidential pardons in exchange of money, his infamous sexual assaults on numerous women, his name linked with several murders, his extortionate “speaking fees”….the list seems endless.

All of this information is a matter of public record.

Yet, incredibly, a very vocal victim-group of blind Hillary supporters continues to voluntarily overlook these shocking crimes on a simple ground: she is being “discriminated against” for her only “crime” of being a woman! It’s also doubly amusing to observe this victim-group, the feminists justifying her crimes with a basic device: by ignoring them. This is a woman who, throughout her political career, has whitewashed — not apologized or chastised — her husband’s numerous sexual and other misadventures, instead of walking out on him at the first instance. On the contrary, The Clinton’s War on Women shows how she has threatened and smeared her victims of her husband’s endless sexual peccadilloes.

Given this, what would be the feminist position on these unfortunate female victims of Bill Clinton? Or the fact that another sexual predator, Anthony Weiner was in her inner circle dropped only after his antics became public? And would her feminist supporters apply the same standard had a man been in Hillary’s place? Most importantly, what would be their reaction had a man in their own lives behaved as Bill did with Hillary?

Hillary Clinton. AP

Hillary Clinton. AP

It is the stubborn refusal to even entertain such fundamental questions and it is this willing suspension not just of disbelief but truth and reason that is also at the heart of the all-round societal decline in the US.

An honest analysis of Hillary’s defeat reveals that it has little to do with her being a woman. The reason is twofold: her extensive career of hypocrisy with regard to women’s rights and her firm membership in the club of the worst of the American establishment elite.

Or as this analysis says, “Trump won because he convinced a great number of Americans that he would destroy political correctness.” The same political correctness whose forces Hillary cynically nurtured and manipulated in her ruthless ambition to be President labelling, intimidating and socially shaming as “bigot,” “racist,” and “misogynist” anybody who dared to entertain the thought of voting for any other candidate, not just Trump. And in her defeat, we continue to witness exactly what these forces unleashed by Hillary have unleashed across the US.

In this enterprise of shame-and-intimidation the brazen role of the majority of US media deserves a dishonourable mention for being in bed with the establishment elite. This analysis helps us glean some hints of its frightening terrorism-by-public-opinion:

…two political experts on the [TV] show with me both predicted that Trump had “no path to victory”…and would almost certainly lose in a landslide, causing the GOP to lose the Congress too. They rolled their eyes when I told them Trump would win in a Brexit-like upset…one week ago in Las Vegas...there were 10,000 fans in the audience. Over 60 percent were women. No, these were not Harvard or Vassar women. They were working class women- waitresses, secretaries and casino employees… This was our Brexit...In every poll before the shocking Brexit result, Brexit was trailing by an average of 4.4 points. But a few million white working class voters either weren’t on the pollsters' radar, or weren’t talking publicly about their vote. Brexit passed- shocking the so-called "experts."… Most of the big money was bet against Brexit… The big money was on Hillary…Trump was “the whisper candidate.” Everywhere I went, strangers whispered in my ear that they loved Trump. They didn’t want anyone to know. They certainly weren't telling pollsters. [Emphasis added]

But despite the severe electoral licking, the establishment-assimilated media backlash remains unremitting.

And the aforementioned similarities are eerie. Years ago, the Marxist psychologist Ashis Nandy had dubbed Narendra Modi as a case of a “clinical fascist.” Fast forward to the June 2016 issue of The Atlantic, which carries an almost book-length “psychological” profiling of Donald Trump. Equally, consider this 2014 piece by William Dalrymple predicting apocalypse for an India under Modi, and compare it with David Remnick’s violent essay in The New Yorker, calling Trump’s victory 'An American Tragedy'.

While I’m no supporter of either Hillary or Trump, these elections have been a fundamental civilisational unravelling: The American civilisation, for what it is worth, began hurtling on the expressway towards self-inflicted destruction decades ago as happens when a civilisation begins to worship only power, youth, wealth and pleasure at the exclusion of everything else. When and how, for instance, does America intend — or even hope — to repay the trillions of debt it has accumulated? How long will it be before its hold on the UN is irreversibly weakened? Or embark on a thorough reform of its education establishment now in the thrall of toxic Left-Liberalism? Or reverse the feminist laws that are destroying its families? Or the mindless litigation industry that’s draining its economy? One could go on and on describing the ailments afflicting almost all sectors of the US nation and society.

In this light, ambivalence might be the considered response to Trump’s victory or even in the alternative scenario of his defeat. It’s too premature to write him off — maybe he’ll pull off that elusive miracle that will “make America great again.” Or maybe he’ll be absorbed by the forces of Deep State, a timeless human phenomenon which Ralph Waldo Emerson describes in these immortal words:

The farmer imagines power and palace are fine things. But the President has paid dear for his White House. It has commonly cost him all his peace, and the best of his manly attributes. To preserve for a short time so conspicuous an appearance before the world, he is content to eat dust before the real masters who stand erect behind the throne.

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Updated Date: Nov 12, 2016 23:11:25 IST

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