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Donald Trump's Muslim ban: US descends into chaos, what else will the 100-day honeymoon period bring?

Now that the ripple effect of the 'Trump Immigration doctrine' is hitting the world, more people are waking up to the fact that packaging human beings in categories has ramifications and there is a huge gap between perception and reality.

This is not what even most of those who voted him into power wanted. That clinical stump speech issue was marketed as a nice and neat decision to not allow the great unwashed and the wretched to enter the US. And it was agreeable, even so wrongly mixing terrorists with all Muslims.

Anti-immigration groups and individuals cheerfully worked the sums in their minds and sieved it all to a distilled lack of conscience because this was the enemy, weren’t they all terrorists, Donald Trump was right, stop the enemy at the gate?

But in implementation the horror of it all by executive order begins to spill from the sides of that same conscience.

 Donald Trumps Muslim ban: US descends into chaos, what else will the 100-day honeymoon period bring?

Donald Trump. AP

Hey, we cannot stop Mo Farah from coming home to Oregon. Oh, yes we can, he is originally Somalian.
But he is not a terrorist, he is one of the world’s greatest sportsmen?
So? We cannot pick and choose, it is a blanket thing.

But that makes us Americans look like we were persecutors.

Uh! huh! This is what Trump promised and now he is delivering, why are you all moaning about it. You want it all antiseptic and neat and non-prickly…where human beings are concerned it does not work that way. You hurt, you insult, and you trample on the peace and mind and security of thousands of innocent people not to mention making jelly of their fundamental rights. If one is cruelly fair, Donald Trump believed that this is what the American people want. He still believes it. Except for a few high profile bleeding heart liberals who are now coming out of the woodwork and screaming prejudice, Trump’s rampage is going unchallenged.

By the time the fallout on all Americans around the world is assessed, and the width of the chasm measured, the mess will be global.

This is not a plan. It is a pogrom.

Perhaps the single largest contributor to the daily litany of fragmented human rights will occur when simple, hardworking families are rent asunder and shown the door. Added to this will be the dispatch of 11 million possible illegal Mexicans and a wall that can be compared favourably to Berlin only more horrendous.

And then will come the criminal chaos at the airports and the seaports and more and more Muslims and brown skinned people in general will be chary about visiting a nation that will make entry a nightmare. Already this week, your Facebook page is open to scrutiny so that immigration officers can check out any political views you may have expressed.

Fact is anything goes if they wish to stop you. Your sartorial options, your hair and beard, your name, your language and unless you are a pure white European you will come under the double security check Sierra signage, this way please though these days maybe Sir is out of fashion.

Add to this the miasma of fear on the roads and the streets and the campuses and the restaurants and the playing fields and the theatres and the parks and the cop car pullovers and the sense of fear when a loved one is thirty minutes delayed or a mobile phone unanswered.

As America’s isolation increases in a direct and opposite scientific reaction to its new policies one will have to make one wonder if the US has descended into such chaos in one week what will the rest of the 100 day honeymoon bring?

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Updated Date: Jan 30, 2017 11:21:14 IST