Donald Trump will win: Michael Moore had superbly predicted our greatest nightmare

Michael Moore, the Oscar-winning American film-maker who is renowned for controversial works like Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko and Where to Invade Next, had announced on his blog that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. In a blog post '5 reasons why Trump will win', the film-maker gave us five solid reasons why the Republican nominee Donald Trump will soon occupy the Oval Office.

The number of outrageous things Trump has said in the past makes one wonder whether any Republican candidate has been as ridiculous as him. He has offended innumerable voters with his sexist, racist and communal stances. And yet, Moore predicted that Trump would be the President-elect simply because he has the most amount of crazy fans, who are willing to stand in lines to vote for his presidency.

"Who’s the candidate with the most rabid supporters? Whose crazed fans are going to be up at 5 am on Election Day, kicking ass all day long, all the way until the last polling place has closed, making sure every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Bob and Joe and Billy Bob and Billy Joe and Billy Bob Joe) has cast his ballot? That’s right. That’s the high level of danger we’re in. And don’t fool yourself — no amount of compelling Hillary TV ads, or outfacting him in the debates or Libertarians siphoning votes away from Trump is going to stop his mojo," he wrote.

Republican candidate Donald Trump. AP

Republican candidate Donald Trump. AP

A lot of American voters do not agree with Hillary Clinton, said Moore. People have taken a hard stand against her 'hawkish pro-military stance', and Moore had argued that Hillary's unpopularity could be a big reason for Trump's win.

"Our biggest problem here isn’t Trump – it’s Hillary. She is hugely unpopular — nearly 70 percent of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest. She represents the old way of politics, not really believing in anything other than what can get you elected," he wrote.

There is a huge voter base who is uncomfortable with the prospect of a woman in the Oval office. This is what Moore calls the 'The Last Stand of the Angry White Man'.

A small peak into the mind of the endangered white male can reveal that they are not happy with the feminist movement empowering women to play sports, or vote, or present the opening dance at the Super Bowl (read Beyonce), let alone elevating them to the Presidential position. As Trump eloquently insinuates, this creature that “bleeds through her eyes or wherever she bleeds,” has conquered us.

Moore also brought to light the 'The Jesse Ventura Effect'. Simply put, there is a huge American voter base which just wants to stir up some trouble. They do not care that Trump is dumb, and Hillary is smart. They will simply vote for Trump, because they can do it. They have the power to change the course of the nation and they are tired of the old ways.

"Remember back in the ‘90s when the people of Minnesota elected a professional wrestler as their governor? They didn’t do this because they’re stupid or thought that Jesse Ventura was some sort of statesman or political intellectual. They did so just because they could," he writes. "The anger that so many have toward a broken political system, millions are going to vote for Trump not because they agree with him, not because they like his bigotry or ego, but just because they can. Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad," he said.

To read Michael Moore's full post, click here.

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Updated Date: Nov 09, 2016 14:22:45 IST

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