Not Trump, but Joey Pepperoni: SNL rips Donald, Chris Christie

Even though Donald Trump has announced that he will not declare his running mate until the National Republic Convention in July, it has not stopped speculations from running rife about the same.

And ever since Ben Carson (Trump had called him a 'child molester') has come out in support of Trump, things have only gotten more interesting for those watching.

Saturday Night Live's spoof which mocks Trump for being his own publicist as someone called Joey Pepperoni (referring to an allegation which says Trump acted as his own publicist in 1991), shows Chris Christie helping him look for a running mate. After going through a list of candidates, they decide to go a little out of the box, with Christie suggesting Bruce Springsteen.

"He's a Democrat", says Trump.

"He's a GOD!" yells Christie.

SNL's Chris Christie tries to suggest his name twice, and miserably fails. "I wish I could work for someone as funny as you someday." he says.

Darrell Hammond as Trump and Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie. YouTube grab

Darrell Hammond as Trump and Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie. YouTube grab

"It doesn't make any sense. Why doesn't anyone want to be my VP?!" Trump complains.

Christie, who says that the right candidate for the job is standing right in the room, fails to notice Ben Carson behind him. Trump chooses to go with former rival Ben Carson, leaving Christie high and dry.

While that might be a parody, what's going down in the actual race is also equally interesting. In an interview with the Washington Post, Ben Carson said former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “are all people on our list.”

An AFP report talks about the possible candidates for the job, including John Kasich, Ben Carson himself, Nikki Haley (for need of female representation), amongst others.

Speaking to CNN, Kasich said he said he’s “not inclined” to be Trump’s running mate because it would “be very hard” for him. This, as SNL put it, Trump calls Kasich a 'a big fat loser'  and Marco Rubio, who he dismisses as a kid.

Trump told AP that he has narrowed it down to 'five or six' names, with Ben Carson spilling the beans that Sarah Palin is on the list of candidates being considered for the job as well. This leaves Newt Gingrich, who is doing everything in his power to try for the job, and Rob Portman, as suggested by former Republican president Dan Quayle.


Updated Date: May 17, 2016 16:55 PM

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