Donald Trump dumped on the media but that doesn't make him an idiot

One suave, debonair, the perfect orator, replete with the Rajesh Khanna type tilt of the head, the boyish smile, the visually mesmerising café au lait good looks combined with the command over oratory that even Marcus Antonius would have admired.

The other, trite, clumsy, almost oafish, rude, crude, lacking in grace and dignity or so we think. A billionaire twice over he is more Sinatrish because he wants to go with the ‘my way’ option.

 Donald Trump dumped on the media but that doesnt make him an idiot

President-elect Donald Trump.

The sort of person it is so easy to loathe. He doesn’t fit the stereotype.

None of it matters. Come Friday and the torch will be passed to a new generation of Americans, from that same time and place that JFK made these words immortal. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for your country.

Donald Trump, 45th President of the US may well have to paraphrase his sentiments as his detractors ask with trepidation not what he can do but what he will do to the country.

As a non-American I am not really getting into much of a twist, believing firmly that the more things change the more they stay the same. By which measure I have also enrolled into that small school of thought that found the Meryl Streep grandstand offensive, fey, cute and fake. Largely because the NYT reporter he has supposed to have imitated for being handicapped is an incident that Trump denies.

All his debates Trump has that Raj Kapoor type of rigid hand movement. Go watch it. It is like mild palsy. Most of his photographs also catch that Calibanesque stoop and the jiggly overturned palm in the front. So give him his benefit of doubt. Many of us have visible quirks like running a finger in our ears, touching our noses, shaking our legs while sitting. Trump projects that Mera Naam Joker stiffness.

He didn’t bring his guns to town and take it over. He was voted into power. By a democratic process and you have to believe first in aliens before you accept that the Russians actually messed around with the e-vote.

So give him his 100-day honeymoon. Watched his press conference. Gruff, no desire to charm he promised great jobs, disinvested himself of anything would be a commercial conflict of interest and was combative with specific members of the press. So, okay, he doesn’t care. We media folks have also become so thin skinned about how we should be treated. He doesn’t like you, he doesn’t like you, stop whining. The British Press is mocking him for this first performance and they can do so…no one cares what they think this side of the pond anyway.

Sure, there is no script in a DT conference, so no one knows where he will take it. Just because he chose to make his assault on the media the core of his pre-oath taking conference and badmouthed some sections does not make him a rotten POTUS.

He chose not to be politically correct and he decided to cut with the courtesy to the fourth estate.

Maybe he will be a disaster. Perhaps he will say outrageous things. Chances are he will break protocol like he has by dropping 89-year-old announcer Charles Brotman who has always made the call these past sixty years.

Tactless, arrogant, thoughtless.

So be it. This is Donald Trump and at least he says it like he sees it. You cannot be much of an idiot if you make a billion, lose a billion, make it again and then get voted in as the powerful man on earth.

For all you know the harsh sticks in the broom may sweep lot cleaner than you think.

Like it or not, Barack Obama has left the party and now America dances to the Trump tune.

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Updated Date: Jan 12, 2017 15:05:20 IST