Claiming Sundar Pichai: Wikipedia goes on editing spree over Google CEO's schooling

Google announcing Sundar Pichai as its new CEO not just broke every tech website in India, it started an editing war on his Wikipedia page.

Sundar Pichai. AFP

Sundar Pichai. AFP

The big announcement was followed by an editing spree on Pichai's Wikipedia page, with people altering the information to change the name of the school he attended in his hometown of Chennai.

To start with, the page said he had studied at Jawahar Vidyalaya and Vanavani. Minutes later, the page said that Pichai was an alumnus of the famed Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) School. The names of two other schools soon joined the race — GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya and All Angels School. By Tuesday night, there were over 250 edits on the page, reports The New Indian Express.

Finally, a Wikipedia administrator stepped in to save the day. Some time past noon, Pichai's page was classified as semi-protected and prevented editing from unregistered accounts. The administrator commented: “Protected “Sundar Pichai”: Hopefully things will calm down after a day,” reports The Hindu.

Nevertheless, The New Indian Express attempts to set the record straight and records that Pichai had studied at Jawahar Vidyalaya till Class X, and then finished his schooling at Vanavani.

You can see the various edits on The News Minute here.

Updated Date: Aug 12, 2015 13:22 PM

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