Cheating in exams? China awards jail time, while Bihar tries to get its act started

Starting this year, cheating in gaokao, China's annual college entrance exam, will be treated as a criminal offense, and offenders can be sentenced to nearly seven years in jail, People's Daily Online reported.

Representational Image. Getty Images

Representational Image. Getty Images

The Criminal Law Amendment that took effect on 1 November is the toughest measure to protect the exam's fairness. It covers organised cheating, facilitated cheating or hiring others to appear for exams. Lawmakers hope the maximum seven-year term will act as an effective deterrent.

Similarly, last year in India, a large-scale examination cheating scam was exposed in Khagriya and Hajipur in Bihar, when friends and family of class 10 students taking the Bihar board exams were caught climbing the school building walls to pass chits to students inside.

Recently, the authenticity of Bihar's class 12 exam took a beating after a sting operation by Aaj Tak showed a topper saying that political science was about cooking.

China has taken extreme measures to contain cheating in college entrance exams, but it took seven days for Bihar CM NItish Kumar to act on the class 12 muddle and order registration of FIR to investigate the irregularities.

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2016 21:42 PM

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