Brazil's new president Michel Temer booed at Independence Day parade

Brasilia: Brazil's new president, Michel Temer, was booed at an annual military parade in the capital Brasilia on Thursday, his first public outing since taking power last week.

"Out with Temer!" shouted protesters at the heavily policed ceremony. Supporters of Temer applauded the new leader.

File photo of Michel Temer. Reuters

File photo of Michel Temer. Reuters

Temer, who was sworn in as president after the removal from office of his rival Dilma Rousseff in an impeachment trial, ditched the traditional open top Rolls Royce used for the parade, instead using a closed presidential vehicle.

Apparently wishing to remain low-key, the new president also did not wear the usual sash over his dark suit.

The military parade in the center of Brasilia kicked off nationwide events marking Brazil's 7 September Independence Day.

However, there were also protests around the country in support of Rousseff, an unpopular leftist leader who was found guilty by the Senate of breaking accounting laws.

Later today, Temer was to attend the opening of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Temer, also shown by polls to be deeply unpopular, promises to embark on deep reforms to steer Brazil further to the right in hopes of ending the deepest recession since the 1930s.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last month he was loudly booed.

Updated Date: Sep 08, 2016 07:51 AM