Brazil: Dilma Rouseff impeached; thousands protest against new prez Michel Temer

Brasilia: Thousands of Brazilians staged a protest on Sunday against new President Michel Temer, who was sworn in after Dilma Rousseff was definitively ousted by the Senate for manipulating budget figures.

A sea of protesters took to Sao Paulo's Paulista Avenue for a seventh consecutive day, most of them wearing red, the colour of Rousseff's Workers' Party, EFE news reported.

Michel Temer. Flickr/Michel Termer

Michel Temer. Flickr/Michel Termer

Unlike the other protests in recent days, Sunday's rally unfolded without any incidents between demonstrators and the police.

Authorities had considered refusing to authorise protesters to gather on Sunday because the flame for the Rio Paralympics was scheduled to be carried along the thoroughfare that same day.

But they later allowed the protesters to take to the streets a few hours after the passage of the torch relay.

Rousseff said on Friday that she would fight in the courts to reverse the Senate vote two days earlier to remove her from office less than halfway through her term.

By a vote of 61-20, senators found Rousseff guilty of bypassing Congress to alter budgets by decree and taking too long to reimburse state-controlled banks for funds used to pay for government programs, a delay that her opponents say amounted to taking out illegal loans from those institutions.

Temer, Rousseff's former vice president-turned-enemy, was sworn in on 31 August, just hours after Rousseff's impeachment trial ended with her ouster from office.

Updated Date: Sep 05, 2016 10:38 AM