Booze-loving duck gets into a brawl with a dog, lives to see another day

We have all been told to not get into fights, especially when we are drunk, and that too with someone who could overpower us. Guess its difficult to explain such delicacies to ducks.

Star, a duck from North Devon, Britain, famous for its drinking habits at local pubs, got into a drunken scrap with a dog and almost got killed.

 Booze-loving duck gets into a brawl with a dog, lives to see another day

Star having a drink. Twitter @WMNNews

Star, who loves drinking ale in pubs with owner Barrie Hayman, was rushed to the hospital with a damaged beak. “Star is a tough cookie and came out of it okay. The vets are pleased. He’s bouncing back nicely,” said Hayman talking to the Mirror.

Barrie was concerned the injury might leave Star with a lisp that would put his performance career in jeopardy - as the duo regularly team up to perform and raise money for charity with their unique street double act, reports Yahoo.

Barrie's wife, Sue Hayman, explained the incident in an interview with North Denvor Journal, "Star happily gets into both their faces and pokes them, literally walks all over them, stands on their backs and generally annoys them. Star was being particularly annoying but unfortunately Meggie made contact with his beak. She has done this before but this time the whole of the bottom of his beak split in two."

But seems like Star's lucky stars were shining bright that night. For future, perhaps the duck should call a taxi and not take a walk after getting drunk.

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Updated Date: Oct 14, 2015 17:36:28 IST