Be grateful all were saved on the Emirates flight but stop with the nasty comments

I am sure there is a medal for the Emirates crew of the flight that crash-landed in Dubai on Wednesday. Getting 282 people out of a plane in 90 seconds without any passenger casualty when it is smoking and only seconds before it explodes is a miracle. It truly is.

This image made from video shows smoke rising after an Emirates flight crash landed at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday. AP

This image made from video shows smoke rising after an Emirates flight crash landed at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday. AP

That a fireman lost his life is tragic and we mourn for him.

Now someone has put a video out of those seconds when people were asked to vacate the aircraft and there is fair amount of shouting.

Australian entrepreneur Shane Manning has also watched the video. His take is the passengers are far less panicky than expected. In fact only two are seen taking out their bags and the seats empty fast. He is getting it in the neck because he has kind of suggested that in the west the chaos might have been more. There was a guy calm to video the whole thing. Not sure if it was necessary but if you watch it you will passengers were helping each other and ushering children off the aircraft...not an easy exercise.

Since there is no rule book on how to handle personal panic and one has no idea how one will summon courage in certain fearful circumstances the rescue is even more remarkable.

For that reason the comments being made on Facebook by people mocking the same old story of Indians for not behaving rightly and displaying aviation crisis ignorance is unseemly. Firstly, no ethnic group has the lien on guts and glory, so stop right there. Secondly why the malice?

Again, for all your intellectual posturing, 80 percent of regular fliers from any part of the world would have no clue how to wear a life jacket in that situation. I have studied and written about air safety for 30 years and in all our surveys people have generally refused to study the card or watch the demonstration.

You don’t grab your things because you are Indians or Asians and don’t have a flying culture. You grab your things because that is your psychological life jacket...self preservation in the face of a dire threat. It is a reflex. Well known Indian journalist Padma Rao says it right that in a perfect that by not following the rules we risk ours lives and those of others. True but fear knocks that out of the window.

My reading is that because many of them on that plane were workers and so used to taking orders they probably responded with less resistance than the sahibs and memsahibs. I could also be wrong in that a lot of these passengers would have been well healed travelling Emirates and all Indians are not poor workers...look around you, mate, whose got the big cars and the houses.

It has nothing to do with intellect. In fact, in a twisting ironical way the rich have a lot more to lose and more likely to block the passage.

Also instead of slagging them off and perish the thought you should be in that situation, why not offer a helping hand. There is no news of the Indian associations helping them out. Where are all the Indian do gooders in Dubai...oh oh not their business.

Right fine. At least don’t knock them. They must have done something right in following orders and getting out alive. Why would you be nasty, that’s the point I fail to understand.

Some of the comments are racist as if there are some parts of the global population who are to the manner born and would conduct themselves with grace and dignity and play music as the Titanic goes down. No one is superior so don’t take that tone.

Indians love to do it, too. Why do we have this need to mock ourselves...or let others do it and then we nod wisely as if it is so sad that we are not the flying types.

I have been east, been west and if you think a bunch of Indians are bad news on a flight you obviously haven’t travelled much.

The world out there can be as boorish, insolent, ill-tempered and rude as anyone else.

Just be grateful they are all safe. Simple as that.

And spare a prayer for UAE fireman Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan who did what he had to do and gave his life in the process.

Updated Date: Aug 04, 2016 22:18 PM

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