A letter to the subalterns in Donald Trump's America: 'We are stronger together'

To my dear queer, Mexican, female, immigrant and empathetic American friends,
I am sure you have been stunned.

Some of you must be thinking about the wall he promised to build, some of you must be wondering if he will undertake measures to make your choices, your love, your very being illegal again. But brace yourselves. Cry out loud and then cry no more. There is no doubt that you are up for a time of severe unrest, and, I kid you not, there would be umpteen challenges that you would have to face for the decision of the citizens who gave him the mandate.

But remember one thing — the country you have served is yours to keep. You can't keep the throbbing hearts of such citizens like you from beating for your nation. Your nation had a place for you, as it always will. Like they say, you can take a person out of a nation, but not the nation out of the person. Your America, is yours to keep. Just as your world is yours to keep.

A letter to the subalterns in Donald Trumps America: We are stronger together

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I was in America recently, as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) programme. Let me tell you that yours is a country with powerful people who believe in change and the process of democracy. 

I am not indifferent to the injustices of your nation. I am aware of the hate crimes against blacks, gay, bisexual and transgender people. I am also aware of the prejudices women suffer in some parts of your nation. I am aware of the battle some of your countrymen have taken up against climate change. But I am certain that despite all, at the core, yours is a nation that celebrates diversity and fosters equality. You must be saying that hate has trumped love, but as I look at it, the popular vote still went to love, who happens to be Hillary Clinton. I base this judgement not on hearsay, but a first-hand experience.

So retain hope. Wear your activist-y shoes and gear up, America! From where I see, it is not going to be easy in any way. But this challenge may give you the energy and enthusiasm that rarely anyone derives when everything is going right through the alleyway. I know what it feels like to be forced against the wall. It's where we obtain our strongest energy and experience our toughest selves. Experience this! I know it is easy to slip into a rhetoric phase and be resigned about everything in politics. But now is the time to not just shout, but debate and ingrain on your detractors’ minds the serious need for reforms and acknowledgement of your existence.

I urge you to work with your present house of representatives, senate and also your president to usher in change and to keep the pressure on so that America is indeed great again. I am sure you know that inaction and ignorance is not what you can afford right now. Gear up. 

And while you do this, remember the hunted. The bottom part of the pyramid that represents voicelessness and defencelessness — those of the animals and the environment. Stand up for them, each and everyone of you. They depend on us; they depend on you. 

So rise again!

Dust yourselves off this and work to build a new tomorrow that looks better than today. Yes, you can and yes, we can! 

And remember, irrespective of how continents and seas and geographies keep us divided, humanity, as it has always shown, binds us together. We are in this together. Reach out to us, anytime, if we may be of any assistance. We empathise with you. 

Like your could have (should have) been first female President once told, "We are stronger together".

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Updated Date: Nov 12, 2016 09:01:15 IST

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