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US presidential election 2016: What if America's destiny lies in disrupting the order?

Today, America has a date with its destiny. America has shown path to the world by practicing healthy democratic values of life. Somewhere democracy of the people became democracy of the state. A democracy of the insiders. A democracy of the elites. A democracy of the people who 'belong' vs the people who are 'left out'.

Today, once again, America is making a choice. But this one is not an ordinary choice. It's a choice between status quo and disruption. It's a choice between corrupt political nexuses and negative social racism. It's a choice between known and the unknown. It's a choice between a sinister political correctness vs the offensive frankness. It's a choice between a secret war vs a declared war. It's between the 'elite' and the 'marginalized'. It's between the participating voices vs unheard voices. Between political capital vs social capital. Between an overt crook vs a covert crook.

Supporters of both the choices hate each other. They are threatening to leave the country. They believe all the ills of America are due to the other party. Some see a messiah in the man, some see a devil in the same man. For some she represents political competence, for some she is the political oppressor. One owns a foundation built on corporate frauds. Another built on political frauds.

The biggest lie America has told its people is that democracy is about choosing a lesser evil. An evil is an evil. Whoever you chose, you commit the sin of choosing an evil. Lesser evil can't be a world's most celebrated democracy's penance. Anyone who believes in this lie must not vote and be proud all their lives that they weren't party to choosing an evil.

For those who know the truth that the two leaders represent two different aspirations and different orders will have to make the real choice. They will be choosing the one who they think represents their aspirations better. On one hand there are aspirations of millions who don’t want to lose their voice, status and benefits. On the other hand, there are aspirations of millions who want a voice, status and benefits. One are protecting themselves from being recognized as robbers. Another want to be recognized as the robbed.

Traditional Russian wooden dolls called Matreska depict US presidents, from left, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and US presidential candidate Donald Trump displayed in a shop in Moscow, Russia on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Tens of millions of voters across the United States will now decide on the next occupant of the White House as polling stations open across the country. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

Tens of millions of voters across the United States will now decide on the next occupant of the White House as polling stations open across the country. AP

America is exposed. The exposure lies in the fact that it's citizenry is not different from any other citizenry. It's exposed of its hatred, racism and vacuum of leadership. That makes it look like any other country of the world. It’s people are looking like people of ‘rest of the world’ – full of hate, violence, manipulation pain and anger. America stands naked. The plastered posters of ‘social harmony’ and ‘all is well’, on its social wall have been shredded by the nails of an assertive world order and the genetic cracks are showing up. Again. That is a good sign. That is a blessing for a country which had become numb to its own weaknesses. This will awaken America. This will also make America humble. For exposed people can't remain arrogant and indifferent to the pain of others. This loss of high moral ground is a blessing. This must be celebrated.

What is America scared of? What can possibly go wrong? Haven't their president atom-bombed two Japanese cities earlier? Haven't they destroyed Vietnam, Cambodia and many other small countries forever? Haven't they converted Afghanistan and Iraq into living museums of ruins? Seriously, what can go wrong? They survived presidents who created Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Islamic State and rogue terror nurseries like Pakistan? It’s under their presidents that mafia, drug trade and arms trade flourished. It’s under these presidents that America unsettled smaller democracies. It’s under these presidents that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya and other regressive societies became stronger. They have seen presidents in political scandals, financial scandals and sex scandals. They have seen presidents getting assassinated. They have seen presidents getting impeached. How worse can things go wrong now? America prides itself on its system which is above individuals. Why is it so nervous about its system? Can one individual turnaround the system? If there is a doubt, then this a great opportunity to test this system.

America is suffering from the fear – ‘What if we fail?’ Yes, they can fail. But since when America is scared of failing? Isn't it the same country which taught the world how to celebrate failure? Isn't it the same country that has built mega corporations and business ideologies based on failures. Isn't it the same country which has produced greatest of its leaders out of failures?

It can fail by making an unusual choice or it can continue by making the obvious choice. Status quo vs a disruptive order. But the question no one has asked is this - What if America's destiny lies in disrupting the order? What if its destiny lies in the native wisdom? What if it lies in political rudeness? What if its destiny lies in the madness?

What if by opting for the regular establishment, America is denying itself, an opportunity to disrupt? To dissent. And to be great again.

Vivek Agnihotri is a filmmaker, writer and motivational speaker. He is founder of #IAmBuddha and School of Creativity.

Updated Date: Nov 08, 2016 19:21 PM

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