Sponsored: Singapore at 50 - Here are places you must visit

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Sponsored: Singapore at 50 - Here are places you must visit

Sponsored Singapore at 50  Here are places you must visit

Sponsored Singapore at 50  Here are places you must visit

Sponsored Singapore at 50  Here are places you must visit

Sponsored Singapore at 50  Here are places you must visit

The spectacular, innovative and pro-business city, the city of Singapore will be celebrating fifty years of freedom this year. From simply being a potpourri of several cultures to being world’s one of the most expensive cities to live in, Singapore has developed with a zooming speed within a span of five decades.

A result of this is - breathtaking sophisticated infrastructure, over 300 luxury brand stores from Louis Vuitton to Gucci, its status as the food capital of the world, and travel spots that make it one the most buzzing and hottest tourist attractions. And with the host of cultures and religions that it nurtures, Singapore is a fitting representation of most of South Asia.

With all that it has to offer – vibrant life, the glitz and glamour alongside the wonders from the natural world, Singapore celebrates life. And there is something for everyone who has a unique interest in life.

Interestingly, the Singapore experience begins right at its award-winning airport – the Changi Airport. After all, no other airport in the world offers free Wi-Fi and video games, orchid garden and all-day movies.

As it marks its golden jubilee this August, there is more than one reason to visit the Malay-speaking island this year. We bring you five:

1. Ultimate family vacations

Singapore is for all ages to come together in a celebration. Universal Studios offers fun movie rides like the Shrek 4-D Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and others. A great place for a family union!

Alongside an enormous range of amusement rides, Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park is another destination that is bound to daze kids and adults alike. 5000 birds belonging to 400 different species make this space the largest bird-collector in the world. The giant Marabou Stork and the Saddle-billed Stork at the celebrated African Wetland are a wonder to watch. But, falcons, hawks and the sharp-eyed eagle at the “Kings of the Skies” show when you can become the Falconer handling the birds, will make it a day to remember.

2. Adventure Hot-spot

Want to settle scores with your adrenaline rush? Why not meet the dangerously beautiful scalloped hammerhead sharks at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sentosa? Or skydive at the wind tunnel-themed indoor skydiving option, iFly, at Sentosa Island in Singapore? The largest tunnel also has a 18 feet acrylic glass wall for a scintillating view of the South China Sea and Siloso beach.

Another major attraction is the Skyline Luge at Sentosa that has hosted over 31 million rides worldwide. Safe for all ages and family-friendly, the gravity thrill ride with brakes and steering offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. Race down the trails or maneuver the tracks leisurely during the day and in the dazzling lights of night.

3. Luxury Galore

The extravagance begins with the swanky 2.2 km Orchard Street that boasts of exclusive shopping malls. A princely streetscape for street fashion, pricey brands, hotels, restaurants and fast food joints! And for high-flyers, nothing can get better than one-stop destination for everything luxe. From luxury dining to luxury shopping, Singapore Flyer is the place to be. From locally popular dishes to international cuisines, the food here is multi-cultural.

Marina Bay Sands offers yet another chance to indulge in luxury at its rooftop pool deck. Not to forget the opulent hotels, exhibitions, theatres, art conventions or the shopping and dining indulgence! You can dine and get entertained like never before with Clarke Quay’s nightlife options and enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of jazz clubs, cafes, antiques and restaurants.

4. Tree Hugger’s Delight

Remember Avatar and its willow-like Tree of Souls? Singapore’s horticultural attraction, Gardens by the Bay reminds you of just that. Does that name astound you? Well, the green initiative is here to take you on a surprise ride when you enter its surreal world of 15-storeyed vertical gardens with 50-metre towering supertrees! These 18 solar-powered silver-hued trees change their colour displays every night. They impose themselves over a 250-acre project and light up the area; they even enhance the water technology by storing rainwater and vent out air for the conservatories.

Awarded with the ‘2014 International Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement’, Gardens by the Bay house around five lakh rare plants inside Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories. There are free outdoor gardens to marvel at the best worlds of Indian, Chinese, Colonial and Malay floral heritage. Also, between the Supertrees, the OCBC Skyway showcases the Garden Rhapsody that comes alive at night with the stunning light and sound show, dragon fly lakes and waterfalls.

5. Wildlife Enthusiast

When in Singapore, even the river habitats and underwater wildlife are open to exploration, especially with SOTC’s Singapore travel plans. More than 5000 terrestrial and aquatic animals and 42 endangered species await your arrival at Asia’s only wildlife park themed around the river. The river otter, salamander, greatly endangered Mekong giant catfish, giant pandas and Amazonian manatee and arapaima are sure to amaze. The River Safaris let you discover all this and more. Take a majestic walk through freshwater galleries and a sneak-peek into the world’s largest freshwater aquarium exhibit and you will be overwhelmed!

Plus, Jurong’s Bird Discovery Centre and Southeast Asian Birds Aviary spread on 50 acres with over one thousand flamingos, a monorail, rainforest walks and waterfalls is truly a sight to behold. A never-to-miss opportunity, especially for bird lovers!

Speaking of fun with animals, why not in the dark? The Night Safari is all the more fascinating as up-close meets and trail walks with more than 2500 nocturnal animals around 40-hectare park kick-starts a new adventure.

Now, while we did say that we have five great reasons to visit Singapore in 2015, we can’t help but tell you about this exciting sixth one - with the SOTC Singapore Holidays travel plans that start at Rs. 18,000 (per person) only, one can plan a trip ranging from 3 days to 15 days. A great mix of tour spots, accommodation and cruising packages, it is easy to witness the Singapore experience at an affordable price. So now is the time to plan your getaway to Singapore. Why not do it with SOTC?!

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