1. What are the dates and location for Tech2 Innovate?

    1. Tech2 Innovate will take place on 14th and 15th February 2020 at GMR Grounds, Aerocity Phase 2. Landmark: opposite Aerocity Metro Station.
  2. Is there an age limit for the festival?

    1. There is no age limit to attend Tech2 Innovate. However, purchase and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products will be strictly controlled at all times. We will require any government photo ID proof, which will be checked while entering the event as well as at any time on venue grounds.
  3. How and where do I collect my tickets/wrist bands?

    1. Tickets are to be collected from the Ticket Booth/Box Office at the venue over the period of the festival – 14th and 15th February 2020
    2. You will need photo ID proof, print out of the confirmation email from BookMyShow & a letter of authorization, BOTH from the cardholder (if the card used to purchase the ticket is not yours).
    3. In case customer has opted for Home Delivery then the tickets/bands will be sent to the delivery address, you will need photo ID proof, print out of the confirmation email from BookMyShow & a letter of authorization, BOTH from the cardholder (if the card used to purchase the ticket is not yours).
    4. Entry / Wrist bands will be given upon handover of the ticket. We would also need a bank transaction receipt if you have booked the tickets through 'Online Banking'.
  4. What can I bring into the festival?

    1. The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to the festival site at any time. Also, any bags brought into the event will be searched upon entry. The following items are prohibited and will not be allowed into the venue.
      • Weapons, explosives, firearms, glass bottles, aluminium cans, hazardous and breakable materials
      • Fireworks, lasers, flashlights and anything else that can interfere with the artists
      • Professional DSLR, recording devices, video equipment that have not been pre-approved
    2. At the artists’ request, all unauthorized recording will be prohibited. (Illegal filming and/or recording will result in legal actions.)
    3. Illegal items will be confiscated at the door
    4. Alcohol, food, bottles, cans, glass, animals and sound systems may NOT be brought onto the festival site.
    5. No camping gear of any kind will be allowed into the venue
    6. Flags that are used to identify your group may be brought in, but discretion is advised when constructing or designing these items, as they may sometimes be considered dangerous.
    7. No helmets will be allowed inside the festival
  5. What documents should I bring if I have booked a ticket through a friend’s or parent’s debit or credit card?

    1. Printout of the confirmation email from Book My Show, Photo copy of Debit/Credit card used. Photocopy of Valid Photo ID of the debit/credit card holder Valid Photo ID of the person using the ticket.
  6. Is re-entry allowed once on the festival premises?

    1. You may re-enter the festival if you have the legitimate festival band on your wrist every time you re-enter the festival.
  7. Will festival goers be allowed to stay overnight at the event?

    1. No, festival goers will not be allowed to stay at the venue overnight. Once the festival comes to a close, the grounds are cleared.
  8. What does a cashless festival mean?

    1. A Cashless Festival means that the guests attending the festival will get to experience a transparent and faster form of electronic payment, instead of paying to buy food, beverages or activities using contemporary forms physical cash or credit card or debit cards. At a cashless festival, guests would ideally get a NFC (RFID) enabled wristband tag or a card tag, for a nominal fee during check-in at the event box office or at top up counters located inside the venue.
    2. Once guests get their NFC tag, they can now Top them Up using physical cash, debit card, credit card & online (BHIM/UPI/NEFT/WALLETS). Once topped up their wristband or card can be used to buy food, beverages and activities with just a single tap on the vendor payment device to make a payment. It's easy, secure, super convenient, quick and most importantly transparent for event organizers, vendors and guests.
  9. Will I be able to purchase food and beverages at the festival?

    1. A wide variety of food and beverages will be available for the duration of the event supplied by various vendors
    2. PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT bring your own food or beverages into the festival area.
  10. Are there restroom facilities on site at the festival?

    1. Yes, there will be sufficient restrooms for both men and women on the festival grounds.
  11. Do the facilities cater for disabled attendees?

    1. Yes, the festival are wheelchair friendly and toilet facilities cater accordingly.
  12. Will there be ATM facilities available?

    1. No. There is no ATM available at the venue or in the nearby vicinity of the venue. It is recommended that attendees get enough cash with them.
  13. What are the ticket options and information?

    1. All tickets are sold through www.bookmyshow.com
    2. A bar coded ticket (printed or correctly displayed on your phone) will need to be presented Along with identification for entering the event.
    3. Please note: booking fees apply to all tickets
  14. What are Sandbox tickets?

    1. There will be two Sandbox venues hosting multiple workshops during the day. Few of the sandboxes are free of cost to attend while few others will be paid. For the free sandboxes you’ll have to pre-register yourselves. Tickets for attending paid sandboxes can be bought on BookMyShow itself. More details about Sandboxes will be released soon.
  15. Will I have to be present at the venue when the tickets are being collected?

    1. Yes, you will have to be present at the venue when collecting your ticket. The only exception will be made if you have used someone else's credit card to make the purchase - you will need an authorized letter from the credit cardholder.
  16. Can I buy tickets using cash?

    1. Yes, you can buy your tickets in cash at the venue box office.
  17. Can I buy tickets for friends?

    1. Yes, but please ensure you have your friend’s email address ready when purchasing tickets. Ticket orders will only be completed once every ticket holder’s details are complete; this ensures the authenticity of your tickets as well as improves the security of the festival.
  18. Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

    1. All tickets purchased are strictly non-transferable
  19. How can I pay for my tickets?

    1. Via Debit/Credit card or various other services available at BookMyShow.
    2. Don’t forget to print a proof of payment in case we need to track the payment and use the correct reference as provided.
  20. What do I do in case of duplicate payment taken?

    1. Duplicate payments have occurred, usually as a result of the buyer refreshing the payment page during the payment process. If this happens please email bookmyshow.com with a copy of your bank statement showing both transactions and the refund will be processed
  21. What is the ticket cancellation/refund policy?

    1. No refunds will be given once the tickets have been booked.
  22. Are there any travel packages available for Tech2 Innovate?

    1. No, as of now there are not travel packages planned for the festival.