Whatsapp to stop supporting these phones: All you need to know

Android 2.3.7 to iOS 7, messaging app Whatsapp has announced a list of smartphones and platforms that it will not be supporting anymore. This is being done with the intent to expand the application's features for the future. Follow us on Twitter @tech2eets - https://twitter.com/tech2eets and on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tech2dotcom TRANSCRIPT: Whatsapp will stop working on a number of smartphones and mobile platforms. The messaging platform has updated a list of phones… that it will stop supporting by the year 2020 Whatsapp says that it needs to do so to expand the app’s features in the future The app will stop supporting the Nokia S40 after 31 December Users of Android versions 2.3.7 will take the hit after 1 February, 2020 also, iOS 7 users wont have the app after 1 February, 2020 Other devices and platforms that do not support Whatsapp anymore are… Nokia Symbian S60 BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 Windows Phone 8.0 and older Considering that most of these platforms are pretty outdated by 2018 standards The list is unlikely to invoke any kind of panic