The WORST Game of 2022 🤬🤬🤬

The New Saints Row is a Reboot of the beloved saints row series but instead of taking a step forward for the franchise this game manages to take 10 steps back. Saints Row has marvellously added itself into the long list of dead, uninspired, and lazy open world games except it may be at the bottom of even that list. I really did not expect to play a more soulless game than Far Cry 6 that is made by someone other than Ubisoft but here we are, Congratulations Saints Row, You did it !! Music Credits: Saints Row Main Theme - https://youtu.be/FE7ASMI4Gic God of War OST : God of War - https://youtu.be/y9hh91-2iaA GTA V OST : Welcome to Los Santos - https://youtu.be/KzKvPrIPVbE Just Cause 2 OST : Rico's Return 2 - https://youtu.be/Y6tlaZ9uLM8 Conker's Bad Fur Day : Windy & Co (Chiptune/8bit) - https://youtu.be/9nHU0iKbXHA _________________________________________________________________________ Join 1UP Gaming’s Official discord server to become a part of our community https://discord.gg/nfbcckFeAJ Follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig Follow us on Instagram @1upgaming_ig - https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig