The Game That Hasn't Aged: Sunset Overdrive

In a time where developers just make games to make a quick stash (looking at you Ubisoft) the lifespan of a game has drastically reduced. Sunset overdrive, however,vis a game that was released 8 years ago and the game still give modern releases a run for their money. Boasting an artistic comic book style, intense combat, high speed traversal and the Saturation turned to a hundred, Sunset overdrive has stood the test of time and confirms that the people at Insomniac know how to make an actually fun Open-World Game. #gaming #sunsetoverdrive Music Credits: Mario Oddessey OST : Steam Gardens - https://youtu.be/-rfoYSmx0rk Doom Eternal OST : The only thing they Fear is You - https://youtu.be/fOsB5AoKDJc Super Mario 64 OST : Bomb-omb Battlefield - https://youtu.be/bmP3UHXYi28 Doom Eternal OST : Meat Hook - https://youtu.be/IgyX6K237xI Super Mario 64 OST : Dire, Dire Docks - https://youtu.be/Zqa2mgjbOIM _________________________________________________________________________ Join 1UP Gaming’s Official discord server to become a part of our community https://discord.gg/nfbcckFeAJ Follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig