PUBG Mobile: The Game Indians Miss And It's Impact

PUBG Mobile is one of the most important games that was released for the mobile platform. It was record breaking, being downloaded 28 million times in its first week of release and managing to generate billions of dollars till Date. This behemoth of a game paved the way for the future of mobile gaming and inspired developers to make their games available for the mobile platform and today many Big Name titles are in line to be released on the app story just because of the phenomenon that was PUBG Mobile. ____________________________________________________________________________ Music Credits: Celeste Soundtrack 01 - Prologue : https://youtu.be/Ctuo3ws3EKs Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack 07 - Infiltration : https://youtu.be/bbR-7k4PrPc Welcome To My Battlegrounds : https://youtu.be/IVQ4YKH2xR0 Dead Cells OST - Title : https://youtu.be/caM1MxmV3Ps LEMMiNO - Cipher : https://youtu.be/b0q5PR1xpA0 ____________________________________________________________________________ Join 1UP Gaming’s Official discord server to become a part of our community https://discord.gg/nfbcckFeAJ Follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig #pubgmobile #pubg #pubgindia