Instagram Stories: 7 Pro Tips & Tricks

We have some interesting Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks and Hacks for you, just in time you head for your #vacay! Check out the video and let us know, which tip you liked the most. Follow us on Twitter @tech2eets - https://twitter.com/tech2eets and on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tech2dotcom You can find the video transcript here: Hey guys what is up! I am Nandini, Tech2’s resident Internetwaali, and today I am sharing with you 7 pro tips for Instagram. Now, you may already know about some of these, but in this video today, I’ll show you how to put a fun spin to these features. Let's get started. Stories Camera Button First up is this new camera button in Insta Stories. Honestly, I hadn’t noticed it for the longest time. Basically, very similar to how it works in DMs, you can tap on it to reply to a story with a photo or a video. You can add filters, stickers, emojis, like the usual. Selfie Sticker Second is the selfie sticker, which has been around for a while, but I don’t see a lot of people using it. The sticker sits with all others in the menu here, you just tap on this cam icon, and then you add a focused picture of something in the image. It’s great if you are trying to show off a product or highlighting something particular in your story. Pin the sticker Then there is the pin feature. Basically using this feature you can fix a sticker or text or emoji at one place. So your video keeps running but the sticker stays there. It actually adds a little twist to crop or resize. Pen and eraser tool Now this one’s my favourite trick, I think. So you click a picture, and for instance, you want to highlight a part of that image, or tease the image, this works great. So click a picture, go to the color pallette, choose any of them. And long press on the screen. Once you have done that select the eraser tool, and only remove the part you want to highlight. Insta story zoom in and out Now we have all been using Instagram for a while now, but there are some built-in feature we tend to miss out on, like this little trick to zoom-in to a video while you are shooting. Up till now, I would use my other hand to zoom in if I was shooting a video. But it’s actually as simple as just swiping up or down to zoom in and out here on the virtual button. Play around with the text color Sometimes text plays an important part in your stories. And you would of course want the text to stand out. For the ones who didn’t know, apart from selecting a full word, you can also select individual alphabets and give them different colors. This adds a little fun to your Stories. Give your stories a character And finally, a trick that is so basic that not a lot of people know about it, is using special characters in your Stories. On your keypad, head to the special characters, add a little color to it, and you can use them as frames in your posts. So these were some of the tips I had to share with you. If you have anything to add to the list, let me know in the comments below. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Tech2’s Youtube channel. And don’t forget to press on the bell icon.