How to use Instagram Question Sticker in Insta Stories

Yet another feature has been added to Instagram Stories. Called the Question Stickers, the new feature has been quite popular among Instagram users just on the first day of the roll out. Here's Nandini Yadav explaining all about the sticker. Follow us on Twitter @tech2eets - https://twitter.com/tech2eets and on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tech2dotcom You can also read the video transcript here: Looks like Instagram's feature roll out juggernaut is not going to stop any time soon. We have yet another new Instagram feature to discus today. Hi I am Nandini, Tech2’s resident internet waali and today we are going to take a look at a new instagram feature, which is currently flooding on Insta Stories. Oh yes I am talking about the Question stickers. Basically, agar aap ek influencer hain, toh ye apke liye kaafi beneficial ho sakta hai. Agar aap pseudo-influencer hain, to bhi ye aapki ego ke liye kaafi behetreen hai. Exhibit A- all the Insta Stories from yesterday. It was a lot of fun actually, I was one of these people. Par sabse pehle, kya hai ye Question sticker? It is another one of the gazillion stickers and features that Instagram Stories has. And this one in particular, essentially streamlines all the questions asked to a person in one place. Even though it seems like it is kinda similar to the polling feature, it’s actually not. Poll mein aap sirf yes and no answer kar sakte ho, but yahan pe you can freely type in whatever you want to ask. Let me show you how this works. To put the sticker up on your story, you head to your Instagram camera, click a picture, scroll up here to find the sticker, here it says Questions. Choose this sticker, and place it anywhere you want, you can also change the way this sticker looks by tapping on it. Now, a lot of bloggers do these, open Q&A segments on Instagram these days, and most of these segments are done on Instagram live. I feel if you are on the go, it’s a great way to interact with your audience. When you put this sticker up, users can ask you questions right within your stories, and to view them, you can head to your stories and scroll up here, and you will see all your questions in a line over here. You can either choose to respond to them in Stories, or you can even DM them your response by choosing ‘Send Message’. So, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! Go spam your friends now. This is a wrap, for more such awesome content, subscribe to Tech2’s YouTube channel. And don’t forget to press on the bell icon, so you can be notified every time we put up a new video. Bye.