Cloning woolly mammoth, tigers in Sunderbans, teen Nobel nominee | This Week in Science

Breaking ground on cloning woolly mammoths, Bengal tigers in Sunderbans, a mineral moon masterpiece and a 16-year-old Nobel for Peace nominee and climate activist Greta Thunberg. Our resident science junkie, Kavya Narayanan, brings you the best of this week in science. Here's a quick look at the: Woolly mammoth https://bit.ly/2Fe4xKW Bengal tigers https://bit.ly/2HABKlB New frog species https://bit.ly/2uavQQa Mineral Moon photo: https://bit.ly/2T4VLCU Greta Thunberg: https://bit.ly/2TL4e2B Follow us on Twitter @tech2eets - https://twitter.com/tech2eets and on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tech2dotcom