Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile: The Next Big Thing In Mobile Gaming

Since the day when PUBG Mobile released and became the sensation that it was, the quality of Mobile Games has increased exponentially. Rather than being a platform for releasing incompetent money grabbing games developers have now started to Port established PC titles to Mobile. Even though there is still a long way to go when Mobile games can compete with the quality of PC and Consoles, the industry is definitely on the right track. #callofduty #callofdutywarzone #codmobile ____________________________________________________________________________ Music Credits: Celeste OST : Starjump - https://youtu.be/dTIeaqNXseY Dead Cells OST : Clocktower - https://youtu.be/fZ1Pk8HBYJU Undertale OST : Waterfall - https://youtu.be/v712NiVK5uY Call of Duty Mobile : Season 6 Theme - https://youtu.be/gB_rGYHtCFE Battlefield 4 OST : Main Theme - https://youtu.be/-uEc8_dcYUc Celeste OST : Exhale - https://youtu.be/dTIeaqNXseY ____________________________________________________________________________ Join 1UP Gaming’s Official discord server to become a part of our community https://discord.gg/nfbcckFeAJ Follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig