1v1 with Maxtern | Ep 02: Sagar Thakur | First Interview

From 'Gamer Militian' to 'Militian' and finally to 'Maxtern', his journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. We got the opportunity to sit down with Sagar Thakur and relive those moments of struggle. How MortaL played an important part in helping Maxtern build his channel multiple times after getting terminated. If you're a fan of Maxtern, make you subscribe to 1Up Gaming because many more videos are coming your way where Maxtern will win your hearts all over again. In this interview 0:36 School Life 1:33 Maxtern's Commentary Style 4:06 YouTube Story 5:57 Maxtern Exposed 12:12 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 16:20 Who Edits Maxtern's Videos? 17:49 News YouTube Channel 18:38 Name Story 22:04 Maxtern Vs Sagar Thakur 23:48 Maxtern's Casting Experience 24:32 Career 26:12 Maxtern Responds to Fan Comments 27:44 Maxtern's Journey As a Gamer (GONE INSPIRATIONAL) 29:41 Team Death Match - Maxtern vs 1Up Gaming 31:02 Follow us on Instagram @1upgaming_ig - https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig