1v1 with GODNiXON | Ep5: Luv Sharma First Interview | 1Up Gaming

When all chicken dinners are served, when every PUBG Mobile player goes to sleep, one man roams freely on the streets of Erangel, testing, researching and learning every bit of the city, and it's none other than GodNixon himself. In his first ever interview, GodNixon talks about the reason behind starting his YouTube channel, how it went from 0 to 80k subscribers in a single day and his first 1v4 fight all the way back in season 3 of PUBG Mobile. Disclaimer: “This Gameplay video footage is pure fiction and has no relation with the real world, 1Up Gaming YouTube channel does not support any violent content and has no intention to violate YouTube guidelines.” Follow us on Instagram @1upgaming_ig - https://instagram.com/1upgaming_ig