Google Doodles into the sixth day with figure skating grebes to mark Valentine's Day

Since the sixth day of the Winter Olympics 2018 and Valentine's Day coincide on the same day, which is on 14 February, Google has doodled two grebes ice-skating on an ice rink.

Google Doodle is celebrating Valentines Day and Winter Olympics 2018 Day 6. Google

Google Doodle is celebrating Valentines Day and Winter Olympics 2018 Day 6. Google

According to the Google Doodle blog, the Doodle Snow Games follows a storyline where the grebes are shown to be up from a slumber and ready to take over the ice ring. It clearly denotes a couple ice skating, which is one of the events of figure ice skating.

The doodle tells a story that the grebes have been together ever since they have been chicks and now they are couple figure skating together, gracefully. As they skate together on the blueish and icy skating ring, the two grebes form a heart to mark their union.

Figure ice skating is one of the oldest sports in the history of the Olympics. It had debuted in Summer Olympics 1908 in London and the sport has three events. Men, women, and mixed events.

Coming back to the doodle, these grebes can be seen in the background of Pagoda-like structures. They look very much in love.

The Winter Olympics 2018 is happening at Pyeongchang in South Korea from 9 February to 25 February 2018.

Google will showcase 17 doodles in all till the last day of the sporting event.

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Updated Date: Feb 14, 2018 08:09 AM