A third of land, ocean area on Earth could be protected without harming economy: Report

Conserving at least a third of the planet’s land and oceans could prevent mass extinctions and allow vital habitats to be restored.

Climate change has become one of the major concerns in the world over the years. It has led to a rise in Earth’s average temperature and brought many species of birds and animals to the verge of extinction. It has also caused huge economic losses globally.

A new report from the Campaign for Nature charity suggests that nearly 30 percent of the world’s oceans and land area could be protected without harming the global economy.

The report also reveals that by conserving at least a third of the planet’s land and oceans mass extinction could be avoided and vital habitats restored.

The world would have to spend $140 billion per year by 2030 to place 30 percent of its land and sea under protection, The Guardian reported.

To achieve this target, land under protection, which is roughly 15 percent of land globally, will have to be doubled and marine protected area, which is only 7 percent of the oceans currently, quadrupled.

“Our report shows that protection in today’s economy brings in more revenue than the alternative and adds revenue to agriculture and forestry, while helping prevent climate change, water crises, biodiversity loss and disease,” said Anthony Waldron, the report’s lead author.

According to phys.orgthe nature conservation sector is projected to grow four to six percent per year compared to less than one percent for agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. This would take place after the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

Protecting natural areas reduces the risk of new zoonotic disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 and also provides significant mental and physical health benefits.

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