NASA's InSight to land on Mars at 1.30 am tonight: Here's how to watch it live

Data collected by NASA's InSight will help scientists understand the formation of all rocky worlds.

NASA is attempting to put yet another (its eighth) robot-based probe on Mars tonight and though a majority of us Indians might be fast asleep when it happens, it certainly is worth making one night an exception and here's why.

The InSight lander. Image courtesy: NASA

The InSight lander. Image courtesy: NASA

The Mars InSight lander is expected to enter the Red Planet's atmosphere at a speed of 19,800 kilometres per hour and if things go to plan, it will take the lander approximately seven minutes to come to a human jogging speed of eight kilometres per hour.

Insight is expected to enter the Martian atmosphere at 3 pm EST on 26 November which is 1.30 am on 27 November in India. To watch the launcher's entire seven-minute sequence referred to as 'seven minutes of terror' live, you can tune on to NASA's live channel here.

Live landing commentary will begin on the channel at 12.30 am IST and will run on until 2 am.

If you're just too lazy to navigate your way on YouTube, you can bookmark this page and watch the landing sequence here.

To run a quick recap of things, the Mars Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) lander marks NASA's first Mars landing since the Curiosity rover in 2012.

Launched on 5 May this year, the landing will kick off a two-year mission in which InSight will become the first spacecraft to study Mars' deep interior.

Its data will also help scientists understand the formation of all rocky worlds, including our own.


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