Luxury space hotel Aurora Station could open its doors to guests as early as 2021

Guests at Aurora station will be treated to 16 sunrises a day, & free-moving zero gravity fun.

Humans colonising the moon and Mars may still be a couple of years away. But that's no reason to wait for 5-star comforts on Earth to reach space, does it?

Perhaps that's the question that tech startup Orion Span pondered over before coming up with its newest mission: Aurora Station, a luxury space hotel.

Everyone who wants to explore the 'final frontier' may soon have the chance to — in the world's first space hotel, no less — which Orion expects to launch in 2021. The launch was originally pinned for 2022, but the startup announced in April 2018 that progress looks good for an early launch in 2021.

With Aurora Station orbiting the Earth every hour and a half at roughly 300 kilometres above the surface, guests will be treated to 16 sunrises a day! And let's not forget all that zero gravity fun.

Aurora Station in space. Image: Orion Span

Aurora Station in space. Image: Orion Span

Once it's open for business, the space hotel will host up to six people per trip, plus two crew members.

Visitors at Aurora will have access to virtual reality experience in the 'holodeck' and participate in microgravity experiments like growing food in orbit — which they can then take home as a souvenir.

The 12-day out-of-this-world experience has an equally otherworldly price tag: $9.5 million.

Yet, the idea of living in space for 12 days seems to have caught the fancy of many. The hotel's waitlist is packed with people that have paid $80,000 deposits to bump up their odds of being among the first space tourists.

Don't want to miss out on the fun? Or maybe you're among the prescient few that won big and cashed out on those bitcoins before their pricing went bust. Or even if you belong to the HODL category. There's room for currency and cryptocurrency deposits for a stay on Aurora Station, and reservations can be made directly on Orion Span's website.

If you have the cash and want to live out your astronaut dreams in luxury, all that stands in the way is a 3-month certification program to prep for space. Small price to pay for an adventure to the final frontier, isn't it?

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