Hermit crab ditches what's natural for unorthodox home — a plastic doll head

In a recent viral video, the hermit crab can be seen scurrying away with a doll face for its home.

A hermit crab was recently spotted walking on a beach in Wake Island, USA, with a toy doll's head for its shell. A volunteer at the beach, Joseph Cronk, shot the now-viral video showing the crab scurrying away on the seashore looking more like something out of Anabelle than in nature.

The crab is seen dragging a plastic doll head behind itself where there usually is a shell.

In nature, hermit crabs live in discarded shells of snail that live along the sea. They can fit into pretty much any shell, and have a hard exterior and softer interior.

Don't let their name fool you though. While they're called "hermit crabs", they live and thrive in groups.

The shells of hermit crabs are important, as they go through a rigorous process of selection before being picked and squeezed into. Crabs inspected and explore the shells well before selecting their new home. (Oh, maybe the new Anabelle movie features this hermit crab finally coming home?)

But on a more serious note, Cronk said that he has seen an increase in the number of crabs exchanging their traditional shells for plastic objects. "Film canisters and soda cans are pretty common. But this one really gets the point across," he added.

For those wondering, why he did not remove the doll from the crab, he said it would have caused serious harm to the crustacean.

This video shows the serious extent of plastic pollution in the waters. The UN estimates that there are 100 million tonnes of plastic residing in the ocean. The marine lives do not understand the difference between good and bad.

A Hermit Crab on the prowl.

A Hermit Crab on the prowl for a new casa.

Dolphins that wash up dead on the shores and are cut open, their bellies are filled with plastic because they cannot see the difference between a plastic bag and jellyfish. Birds to look at plastic as a source of food. Penguins, a lot like Lovelace from Happy Feet, frequently get stuck in six-pack rings.

This crab adopting a doll as its home was not a one-off. Last year, another crab was seen opting for a doll to shelter itself in.

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