X-Mini V 1.1 Capsule Speaker - Xtremely Disappointing

Small, compact and cheap but will it give you that bang for your buck?


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Max V 1.1

Xmi launched their V 1.1 Capsule speakers a couple of months back. Their previous X-mini Capsule Portable Speakers that we tested were decent in terms of sound quality, but they weren’t very loud. So what about the V 1.1? Let’s see how well it does in comparison.  

X-Mini V 1.1 Capsule Speaker - Xtremely Disappointing

You got something better, good-looking?


Design and Features
The V 1.1 Capsule Speaker has the standard capsule design with a neat rubberized finishing which gives a good feel to the speaker. The little lid that covers the driver of the speaker gives it a glossy look and protects it from dust. We all know how tough cleaning that tiny little port can actually be. The neck of the speaker is made of good quality plastic and makes it easy to close and open the speaker.



Neat idea of a lid, what say?

Neat idea of a lid, what say?


The bottom of the V 1.1 has a small crevice designed to house the 3.5 mm audio cable, which lets you neatly put it away once you’re done using the speaker. The base has the volume wheel, a 3.5 mm audio jack and a mini-USB port for charging and all of these are pretty convenient to use. The power switch is a wee bit tight, but then that’s not much of an issue. The speaker is compatible with your portable media players and almost anything that uses a 3.5 mm audio jack like a smartphone or a laptop.

In the simplest of words, sound quality didn't meet the expectations. There was a lot of shrillness and although the V 1.1 can get pretty loud (audible enough in a room), you can easily identify the distortion present in it.



The X-Mini in (or out of) action

The X-Mini in (or out of) action


For a speaker of this size, the base is pretty decent and the mids are quite manageable as well. But again, you wouldn’t want to turn up the volume because of the distortion and the high-pitched tones just hitting at your ears! Also, at high volumes, the speaker doesn’t remain stable and the vibrations might just push it off the desk so that’s another reason why you shouldn’t increase the volume.

I like the compatibility with various devices bit and little features like a lid over the port and a small groove for the audio cable is all nice. Also, the V 1.1 is just a single unit speaker, so it does add to the portability. However, there’s not much of emphasis in performance and for a price of Rs. 1,249, they feel a tad expensive. You can probably check out the F & D V620 speakers which are priced at Rs. 885.

Enough of this

Enough of this



X-Mini Max V 1.1 Specifications


Frequency Response100Hz-12KHz
Power Rating (RMS)2 Watt
Aux Jack3.5
Digital Audio SupportNo Information

Speaker Dimensions

SatellitesNo Information
SubwooferNo Information



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