X-mini Max V 1.1 Capsule Speakers

A nice looking set of speakers with decent skills.


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Max V 1.1

For some reason, I really like capsule speakers, as they’re very convenient. I have pair, and they go almost everywhere I go. There have been trips where I’ve been truly thankful to have brought them along. So what’s the deal with the X-mini Max V 1.1? They look kind of cool, but will they stand up to my expectations?


Design and Features
These speakers look really nice with a matte red finish and springs that close them up for being carried around. They also have some pretty powerful magnets at the base so you can also stick them together. However, one of the first things I noticed was that the Y-cable that connected the speakers to the audio source was very short. Even the connection between the left and right speaker is not sufficient. So if you want to place them a little further apart, you can’t. But the cable does have volume control.

X-mini Max V 1.1 Capsule Speakers

Kind of looks a little space age here



One cool thing about this set of speakers is that it has the ‘Buddy Jack’ system, where both speakers has an audio output each to connect more speakers. I tried it out with the smaller X-mini speakers, and it really does work.

The 'Buddy Jack' system

The 'Buddy Jack' system


These speakers are actually quite loud and clear, and there’s a surprising amount of bass response considering their size. They don’t even distort much when you pump up the volume. I ran a few tests on the X-mini Max, and it played back frequencies from 100 Hz to 12 KHz with almost no problem.

Of course, I’m now going to ruin it by saying something bad about them. But it has to be done. So here goes. These speakers vibrate way too much and move all over the place because of this. Obviously this means that they’re not built very well. The vibration did not cease to exist even when I turned the volume down. Another problem is that the bass suddenly disappears when you close up the springs on the speakers.



Nice looking speakers

Nice looking speakers



These speakers are good, but I’ve seen better. For instance, the Letscom HL4003 which we included in one of our ‘Get Gadgeted’ pieces.  I have these speakers, and I’m very satisfied with them. they’ve traveled with me all over the country, and have survived. The X-mini Max has some nice features that most other capsules speakers don’t provide such as the ‘Buddy Jack’ system and the volume control. They also give out nice sound, but this is marred by the vibrations, crackling and constant moving around of the speakers. They could’ve even done something about the length of the cable. Although I get a nice vibe from these speakers, I have to give them a rating of just 3, as they’re priced pretty steep at Rs. 2,499.

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X-Mini Max V 1.1 Specifications


Frequency Response100Hz-12KHz
Power Rating (RMS)2 Watt
Aux Jack3.5
Digital Audio SupportNo Information

Speaker Dimensions

SatellitesNo Information
SubwooferNo Information



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