X-mini Capsule Portable Speaker

A neat little speaker that has a good sound output for such a small size.


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X-mini Capsule Portable Speaker

Every once in a while, we get a cute little product, which makes us wonder whether the little speaker or video player can actually work at all. Turns out this little speaker called the X mini2 Capsule deserves more than a passing mention; we plan to do a full fledged review of the speaker. Its actually a revamp of an older X-mini model, with the X-mini logo being embossed in the front. This is to counteract fakes that were releasing.

X-mini Capsule Portable Speaker

Design and features
This little contraption is shaped like a little hamburger. The finish is all black matte, and makes the product look very nifty, yet cool. The top side has the driver, a tiny 3.5 cm cone, which is covered by a bridge like strip across the upward facing side. ‘X mini’ is etched out on this strip. The top and bottom surfaces are seamlessly fixed, though can be opened out exposing an accordion like spring rib. I’m supposing this should make the speaker vibrate up and down on bass notes.

The bottom has an attached cord that goes out into a 3.5 mm jack that can be wrapped around perfectly in a groove on the bottom surface, shaped exactly like the cord with the 3.5 mm jack outline also. There are lots of small little things in and around that impress, like the on slider switch, neatly position on the circumference, and the indicator LED, which is a bright blue LED on the bottom side. There is also a 3.5 mm jack input, for connecting a pair of headphones. The volume is an old school analog pot style. I was impressed by the looks, as there is not one element that is tacky about the design.

As for rated specs, the unit gives out 2.5 watts of sound, and weighs a mere 52 g. The frequency response is 100Hz – 20 kHz. The unit needs to be charged via USB port, and uses a mini USB in to charge.


I wasn’t expecting too much of volume or a blow out, though I wanted to see how much sound this little thing could really produce. And distortion is one thing that we have strictest eye on, no slack there. And that’s what I liked about the X mini. It does not ‘fart’ or distort. It has clear response, but no bass. It’s definitely better than an in built speaker in phones or laptops for sure.

It’s louder, and has a little more personality. It’s perfect to connect to phones and PMPs when more than one person wants to hear. I was only using easy listening tracks, like laid back jazz and some American country music. These genres sound pretty nice. The battery life is decent, it goes on for more than a good 4 and a half hours.

It hasn't launched officially yet, though the suggested retail price is a reasonable Rs. 1800. A die hard audio fan will obviously not dig a small little speaker like this, it's not meant for them. It’s a very nice little toy to gift to a parent or relative, and with Valentine's day around the corner; it’s quite a good idea to woo the other half with this Capsule speaker.


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