Wipro Ego BM 2700

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Wipro Ego BM 2700

The Wipro Ego will mostly attract business personnel and professionals that require powerful computing on the go more than anything else. This laptop not only offers the latest features but performs very well in most applications and looks pretty stylish.

Wipro Ego BM 2700

Considering that it is mainly intended for business, the Ego will suffice for mainstream and even some high-end applications. Be it a business or a professional, it will attract most audiences of the like. The processor, RAM and hard drive, all suffice for applications such as Microsoft Office, designing suites, and audio and video editing. With regard to entertainment, the onboard graphics and the crisp and glossy screen are great for watching movies and light gaming. Connectivity is offered via Wi-Fi N, Gigabit Ethernet and a dial-up modem, which isn’t very common amongst the latest laptops. The modem can be very useful if you want to send or received faxes. Other features include 3 USB, 1 FireWire, an RJ45 and an RJ11 port. The more common ones include a DVD writer, a card reader, a webcam and a VGA port. Since the laptop has a hard drive with very good storage capacity, the absence of an eSATA port can be considered a downside.

The hardware configuration is impressive. This laptop is built around the Intel IGP chipset - GM 45 - and is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor, which is powered at 2.40 GHz and has a decent 3 MB L2 cache. This configuration, along with 4 GB DDR2 RAM and a roomy 250 GB hard drive makes this laptop quite powerful and functional.

Considering that it’s a business laptop, we weren’t expecting a flashy or flamboyant design. Nonetheless, despite the straight-line design, this laptop sports stylish looks, an all-black shell and a very sturdy body. Quality-wise, the unit is sturdy, especially the chassis and lid, thanks to the heavy gauge plastic and the hinges. The keyboard is quite comfortable to use, with large and spaced out keys. The touch pad is responsive but it should have had a larger surface area to work with.

Performance-wise, this laptop will suffice for most mainstream applications such as the Microsoft Office suite. Even some resource-hungry ones such as the Adobe CS3 suite will be quite manageable. Considering the hardware configuration and the feature set, this laptop is great. Since the built-in speakers aren’t very loud, you’ll have to enjoy your movies and music wearing headphones.

If you need a business laptop with a stylish yet straight-forward design and good performance, this one is a good option.

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