A 55-inch TV that could've tried harder, didn't and didn't leave too much on an impression either.


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When LG took their massive 55LX9500 back, I was devastated. It was almost like letting go of a good friend or family member. But soon after that we got a delivery from VU - another 55-inch LED TV, the LEDN55T28R LED TV. Now VU is supposed to be a luxury brand, so I was quite excited to see what this TV had to offer. Sure, it doesn’t have 3D like the 55LX9500, but I’ve never been too keen on donning a pair of uncomfortable glasses to watch something come out at me from the screen. I was hoping this TV would be a nice one to review. So what’s the deal with this TV?


Thick border, but slim





Design and features
The box that the LEDN55T28R came in was huge; even bigger than the one the 55LX9500 came in. This TV is massive, and weighs quite a lot. It’s also a task and a half to set up, and it wouldn’t have been done without the help of my colleagues. One thing that struck me as odd was the size of the stand, as it is massive. One would think that a stand this size would at least support the TV properly, but it wobbled quite a bit even after it was securely fastened to the base.

Big base, but still a little wobbly

Big base, but still a little wobbly


The TV itself looks quite ordinary, although it is quite thin. It has a pretty thick border with a glossy black finish, so there’s no need to dust for fingerprints at this crime scene. Unlike most TVs, the power switch is located at the bottom right side of the TV, and when you turn it on, the feather touch menu buttons light up red.

As far as connectivity goes, the LEDN55T28R is quite sorted. It has everything you could ask for; well almost. Here’s what it has:



Lots of connectivity options

Lots of connectivity options



  • RF input for Cable TV :1
  • RCA AV input for Satellite TV or DVD Player :1
  • RCA component Video input for Video Games :1
  • RCA AV output for multiple LCD display :1
  • S - Video for Camcorder :1
  • HDMI input for BluRay DVD player and AV receiver :4
  • USB port: 2
  • VGA input for PC or Notebook: 1
  • Headphone Connectivity :1
  • Co - Axial Audio Output for Audio System :1

The USB ports playback JPEG, MPEG2, AVI and MP3 formats, but this TV can’t play MKV files; something I was hoping the LEDN55T28R would have.
Using the LEDN55T28R is nothing short of a nightmare. The remote is absolutely useless, and unless you point it straight at the sensor, it doesn’t do much. The ‘feather touch’ menu buttons on the TV were really bad and unresponsive and the menu itself is very slow. There was also quite a bit of lag between pressing a button on the remote and the function actually being carried out. This was a total disappointment coming from a company that claims to be a ‘luxury’ brand from California.


Nice and slim

Nice and slim


I first tested the LEDN55T28R with a Blu-ray disk played back from the Philips BDP2700/12 Blu-ray player I reviewed last week. Everything seemed really bright and a bit gaudy, but the black levels were quite good. I also noticed that the response time wasn’t all that great, as there was a fair amount of ghosting with the picture. I also tried it out with the supercomputer-like Dell Alienware Aurora ALX and played a little bit of Far Cry and Left For Dead, but I had problems with ghosting here too. However, the detailing was pretty good, and the black levels rose to the occasion once again.

The DisplayMate test was last, and the LEDN55T28R must’ve definitely been dreading it. And it had every reason to do so, as it didn’t do too well. The screen uniformity was all over the place with 3 prominent, dark vertical lines in the center of the screen. The TV gave off quite a bit of flicker too. The LEDN55T28R also had a bad case of moiré patterns, although it got an above average score in the colour scales and video bandwidth test. Let me also point out that I only had a problem with blues and reds in the colour scales test, and the rest didn’t seem so bad.

Ever had the feeling that you just keep giving and giving, but nothing comes back to you in return for the hard work you’ve put in? I kind of felt the same way about reviewing this TV. I kept trying to find something right with it, and no matter how many positives I came up with, there were always too many negatives bringing it down. And I certainly will not part with Rs. 1,30,000 for something like this, even though some might say it’s not too much of a price to pay for an LED TV of this size.



Not too bad looking, but not that great either

Not too bad looking, but not that great either


I give this TV 2 stars (some say I’m being generous), because it doesn’t even try to make me happy. It looks average, feels plastic and isn’t really too good for playing games or watching movies. Sure, it has nice black levels and the picture quality is decent enough, but I'm sure that's not all you want. I definitely would not recommend this TV to anyone as it is way too expensive for the kind of quality it offers. I’d like to recommend the 55LX9500, but that’s a lot more expensive than VU’s 55-inch offering. But if you’re willing to compromise a little on size, the 47LX9500 (Rs. 1,66,250) is just what you want. Although it's more expensive than the LEDN55T28R, it’s a 47-inch TV which has almost everything its big brother has.

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VU LEDN55T28R Specifications


Screen Size55
Type of TelevisionLED
Panel Type (S-IPS / IPS / MVA / TN)No Information

Picture Features

Resolution1920 x 1080
Response Time5ms
Contrast Ratio1000000: 1
Refresh RateNo Information
Aspect Ratio16:9
Number of Selectable Picture ModesNo Information
Picture In PictureYes

Audio Features

Selectable Sound ModesNo Information
Audio Output (PMPO)No Information
Stereo PlaybackNo Information


S-Video InputNo Information
DVI InputNo Information
HDMI InputYes
USB PortYes
VGA InputYes


Approximate Net WeightNo Information

After Sales Service

Warranty PeriodNo Information


Warranty PeriodNo Information

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