Vu LC-40V69PIR Intelligent LCD TV

Vu 's new concept: An LCD TV with a PC Motherboard built in...


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Vu LC-40V69PIR Intelligent LCD TV

This is a new kind of technology, by a considerably new brand, and not one of the regular biggies. We are talking about VU, a closer to home brand that is slowly gaining popularity, and offers value for money in LCD TVs and LCD displays. All this can only excite us, especially when the new tech is a collaboration of 2 age old ones, like a desktop PC and a TV. This is what VU’s intelligent TV is, a full-fledged LCD TV with a Motherboard and all the connectivity you will find in a typical desktop PC. We have a 40-inch model, and it’s called the VU LC-40V69PIR Intelligent TV.

Design and features
The form factor of this TV is the most important; as the bezel incorporates a motherboard and all its connectors are exposed on the side. The first thing that impressed me is the power supply used is sufficient for both the TV and Mobo, as only one power cable is required.

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