Super Street Fighter IV

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Super Street Fighter IV

It's no secret that the oldest fighting game franchise is still the best. Over the years, Street Fighter has done its share of experimentation and re-invention, but Capcom never really altered the core gameplay; and that's exactly what separates Street Fighter from just about every other franchise. Capcom knew right from the start that they had a winner, so instead of messing it up to 'keep up with the times', they kept adding to it. The latest fine tuning experiment done right is Super Street Fighter IV.

 Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV was not a broken game in any way, in fact there were hardly any flaws that one could pick out in it. That is until you try out Super Street Fighter IV. The additions in the new version, though not drastic, are enough to give you enough new content to play with, even if you've worn out your fingers to the bone with Street Fighter IV.

The first refreshing change you'll notice is a much bigger character roster with 35 characters, all playable right from the start. You have all the Street Fighter IV characters, some of the older and more familiar characters like T. Hawk, Dee Jay and Adon. Cody and Guy from Capcom's own Final Fight series also make an appearance here along with some brand new fighters namely Juri and Hakan make a welcome addition and are flavorful enough to become quick fan favorites.

Considering the difficulty level of Street Fighter IV, especially in the final boss fight, the Super version comes with many more difficulty settings. The easiest setting can make a perfect entry point for noobs, since the CPU controlled opponents here are almost comatose in their reaction level. The hardest level, on the other hand borderlines on the CPU cheating against you. But the point is, that with a very high number of difficulty settings, just about anyone can find one that's just right for him.

The biggest change in the fighting system, however is the addition of a second set of revenge based Ultra Combos to choose from. This adds a whole new level of replayability, since all the characters you avoided in the previous game are now worth another look with their spanking new combo sets.

Just like the previous game, the best console to pick Super Street Fighter IV on would be the PlayStation 3, simply because of the controller. D-Pad is practically the best way to control the game, and in that department the PS3 controller has a clear advantage over the Xbox 360's.

To be honest, when I initially heard of a "Super" Street Fighter IV game in the works, I thought Capcom was pulling off a cheap trick to milk the franchise by selling off an overrated DLC. But after spending some good amount of time with the game, and seeing all the great additions to it, I honestly believe that it's worth the Rs. 2,499 price tag, even if you own the original one. The sheer amount of content, fighting mechanics and incredibly addictive gameplay makes it a must-have for any fighting game enthusiast.

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