Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A good, feature-rich but pricey speaker


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Sony is a house hold name; they manufacture everything under the sun from audio systems to TV’s to gaming consoles. Today we have for review a really tiny Sony Bluetooth speaker, the SRS-X11. Perfect for those who want to play background music from their phone or laptop.

Build and Design: 8/10
The speaker is really well made. It is made of lightweight but tough materials weighing only 215 grams.

Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A good, feature-rich but pricey speaker

I love that there are various colours the speaker comes in

There are distinct speaker grills on three sides (more on that later), while the top and the back have a distinct rubberised finish.


The back of the speaker: Add button to add another speaker, Reset, Aux in and microUSB charging

What I loved, in particular, is the minimalistic look with rounded corners that is unique to the SRS-X11 speaker. It appears more like an interesting desktop gadget rather than an obvious speaker.


Hey nice paper weight. Wait a minute that’s a speaker?

Sony always packs its products with nifty goodies, such as NFC, which is much easier to pair with than Bluetooth.


All the important controls are on top with a rubberised finish

And of course, the most unique feature in a Bluetooth speaker is the capability of connecting the SRS-X11 with another one of its kind for stereo sound. And that too, you can have the speakers’ right next to each other for true left and right separation or simply across the room for surround sound-like effect.


The only Bluetooth speaker to offer stereo imaging when coupled with another SRS-X11

Performance: 8/10
The sound from the SRS-X11 is impressive for tiny little speakers. All you have is a 45mm speaker about the size of headphones speakers which deliver quite the punch. This is because of the 10W speaker in the centre with dual passive radiators on the sides that do an admirable job.


Dual passive radiators: The reason why SRS-X11’s Bass is so good

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers which tend to be on the screechy side, SRS-X11 completely avoids that. It sounds refined for its size and has the maturity to keep within its limitations without over-extending itself. You’ll not hear the speaker producing harsh sounds that irritate the ears.

The bass is surprisingly good for such tiny speakers, and overall the sound is pleasant. I did find the sound muffled, lacking the clarity (that I’m used to), thankfully this can be easily rectified with the correct EQ settings from your player (more mids and highs focused EQ settings will help).

The speakers don’t edge towards any particular sound, the sound overall is pretty much balanced, albeit with a little more boominess quality to the sound. Most Bluetooth speakers are midrange centric, the Sony SRS-X11 aren’t.

Call Quality: 6.5/10
Since the sound of SRS-X11 tends to be a bit boomy with no pronouncement in mids, the speaker isn’t very conducive to voice calls. When testing, there is an understandable hollowness as if talking through a tube (all Bluetooth speakers produce this). There is also the problem of not enough volume for a voice call and that the sound coming from the opposite party does tend to get dropped sometimes. The speaker isn’t bad in this function.

Battery: 9/10
The speaker lasts long, really long. The rated battery is 12 hours which is pretty much what you’d get from the speaker provided you aren’t driving it at full volume all the time.

Verdict and Price in India
I really liked the Sony SRS-X11, it’s got refinement and style. It’s got features like NFC and the capability of an add-on speaker which is pretty cool. What I don’t like is the price, at the street price of Rs 4,500, this little speaker is expensive. Do the extra features make up for the price? Not at all.

In comparison, the Creative Woof 3 makes a lot more sense, it lacks the bass of the SRS-X11 but is much clearer in the mids and highs and costs Rs 2,000 lesser, while throwing in microSD card and built-in player support. You can also check out our list of seven bluetooth speakers to consider under Rs 10,000, in case you are not sure about the Sony SRS-X11.

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Sony SRS-X11 Specifications


Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Power Rating (RMS)10W

Speaker Dimensions

Satellites61 x 61 x 61mm


Weight215 grams
Warranty1 Year

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